Ayn Rand Answers: The Best of Her Q & A

ISBN: 0451216652
ISBN 13: 9780451216656
By: Robert Mayhew

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About this book

After the publication of Atlas Shrugged in 1957, Ayn Rand occasionally lectured in order bring her philosophy of Objectivism to a wider audience and apply it to current cultural and political issues. These taped lectures and the question-and-answer sessions that followed not only added an eloquent new dimension to Ayn Rand's ideas and beliefs, but a fresh and spontaneous insight into Ayn Rand herself. Never before available in print, this publishing event is a collection of those enlightening Q & As.   This is Ayn Rand on: ethics, Ernest Hemingway, modern art, Vietnam, Libertarians, Jane Fonda, religious conservatives, Hollywood Communists, atheism, Don Quixote, abortion, gun control, love and marriage, Ronald Reagan, pollution, the Middle East, racism and feminism, crime and punishment, capitalism, prostitution, homosexuality, reason and rationality, literature, drug use, freedom of the press, Richard Nixon, New Left militants, HUAC, chess, comedy, suicide, masculinity, Mark Twain, improper questions, and more.

Reader's Thoughts

Michael Kilpatrick

This book is awfully biased toward her views but it still explains a lot. I'd love to chat with her about this century and see if any of her staunch objectivism would change.

Perry Kuipers

If you are a fan of Ayn Rand and have read most of her books, then this book is a must-read. This helps to answer some questions that you still had after reading her nonfiction.


This is a collection of questions and answers drawn from post-lecture Q & A sessions. Reads like a magazine interview (well, a 200 page interview) where a short question is followed by a short answer. Rand's ideas do not come across all that well in this "soundbite" form. (I should note that this a criticism of the Q & A format, not of Rand's philosophy.) There are a few interesting bits, like when she dresses down audience members who ask smart-assed questions or talks smack about public figures (especially Ronald Reagan and Jane Fonda), but this is not essential Rand by any stretch. In the introduction, the author (well, compiler, I suppose) says that this book was never viewed or edited by Rand (possibly because she had been dead for more than 20 years at the time it was released, but that's only a guess...) and therefore he does not know if she would have approved of it. I have my thoughts. This book is a passable way to kill a couple hours if you are already familiar with Rand, however I would strongly advise against using it as an introduction to her philosophy.

David Robins

It is what it is: Ayn Rand's opinions on various matters from politics to literature, eloquently spoken and organized by categories.

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