Bachelor Boys: The Young Ones Book

ISBN: 0722157657
ISBN 13: 9780722157657
By: Ben Elton Rik Mayall Lise Mayer

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Reader's Thoughts

Ian Wood

Having recently re-watched ‘The Young Ones’ on DVD and found it very much as entertaining as I did twenty five years ago as a callow youth, I dug out this book and found it pretty disappointing.Where the humour works on the screen as a sort of live action cartoon when reduced to the written word it’s all a bit puerile really. Still when I was a teenager I thought it great, I was probably a bit puerile really. Hope I live before I get old.

Corey Edwards

Dippy, pointless, and rude, "Bachelor Boys", at this late date, is mostly fun because of the images. Especially Rik, now that he is gone. Not as good as "Neil's Book of the Dead" but, then, I was a teenaged stoner when I fell in love with that, so maybe I'm wrong. Recommended for the brain damaged and the Young Ones fan, if no one else.

Michael Legge

I've read this book more than any other. I think that says a lot about me.


A perfect coffee table book to show the Man the Kids aren't going to stand by and take their fascism.


The best book in the whole world!


I have read and reread this book so many times over the years it is in pretty poor shape! It isn't a novel as such, but lighthearted toilet humour that still cracks me up. It was amazing to read as an 18 year old and now being somewhat older I still get an inane giggle out of the stupidity of it all. Love it!

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