Bad Girls and Dirty Pictures: The Challenge to Reclaim Feminism

ISBN: 0745305245
ISBN 13: 9780745305240
By: Alison Assiter Avedon Carol

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Cultural Studies Feminism Feminism Gender Growedup Non Fiction Sex Sexy Smut Fetish To Read

Reader's Thoughts

johanna asterisk

a touch outdated, very excellent points covered which are often overlooked in the p. debate.


One of the most heated and fractious debates in the feminist politics of pornography has not been over its lack of merit but over what to do about it - to censor or not. All of the contributors to this collection are anti-censorship feminists, but in many cases also falling into the trap of seeing pro-censorship feminists as anti-sex. The boundaries of this distinction are never clear, and neither are the difficulties of debating censorship in a context where the notion 'free speech' dominates and frames most discussions. Challenging and in places provocative but ultimately unsatisfying.

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