Bastard Out of Carolina & Two or Three Things I Know for Sure

ISBN: 0965375382
ISBN 13: 9780965375382
By: Dorothy Allison

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Reader's Thoughts


forced to read by book club, not my favorite type of literature, way-overhyped, not such a great writer I think


Very intense if you have been a victim of abuse


This memoir was published several years after Allison's novel. It was written from an adult perspective.


One of those novels that everyone should read!


Best line:She's mean as a snake, and twice as twisty.


Love Dorthy Allison. I wish she'd write more.


One of my favorite books ever!

Starr Phoenix

I had the great fortune of spending some personal time w/ Dorothy Allison in college. She was our keynote speaker at LC's Gender Symposium and I introduced her. Thereby also garnering the honor of picking her up from the airport and having the chance to speak to her while she was trapped in my car. ;)Which has nothing to do w/ my book review. Except that she was as impressive in person as her books are to read. Bastard Out Of Carolina is not an easy book to read. But it is exceptionally well written and important and when it came out it touched a raw nerve in our society. The main character is a child you will take into your own heart. Her world is one that many people do not survive. And for anyone who has had hard times in life, this book will resonate w/ it's sheer determination to hold up the virtues of surviving evil and carving out your happiness in this world. Of finding yourself even when it seems all hope is lost.Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure is non fiction essays written by Allison. It's a great companion to the fictionalized story of her childhood. High recommmend on both.


WOnderful, beautiful, challenging to read sometimes for the sensitive but worth it.

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