ISBN: 0689862350
ISBN 13: 9780689862359
By: Nancy Butcher

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Beauty to die for...Queen Veda of Ran does not believe in growing old gracefully. In fact she will shun anything that makes her look or feel less than the fairest in the land including her daughter, Ana.Luckily Ana has both beauty and intelligence. She realizes the way to remain close to her beloved mother is to make herself ugly. Ana does everything she can to maintain her new disheveled appearance: She doesn't bathe for days, doesn't wash or brush her hair, and bites her nails down to the quick. Her plan works. She has finally won her mother's love. Then Ana realizes all the lovely young girls of Ran are being sent to the prestigious Academy for Girls, including Ana's best friend, Pell. When Ana's told she must go too, she resists. She doesn't want to leave her loving mother. But Ana has no choice. She goes and once there learns how potent a drug beauty can be.

Reader's Thoughts

Jennifer Wardrip

Reviewed by Karin Perry for TeensReadToo.comAna wants to be ugly. She has worked very hard at it, ever since she was twelve years old. Ever since the day a man complimented her on her beauty and she saw the look of hatred, jealousy, and anger in her mother's eyes. Now she doesn't bathe, doesn't trim her toenails, doesn't brush her hair, and eats nothing but pastries, bread, and moldy cheeses. Her nutrition has left her body pudgy and her face blemished. She is happy because she seems to have her mother's favor; however, staying ugly takes a lot of effort. Queen Veda, Ana's mother, is a calculating ruler. Vanity is her main focus and she is never without her strange Beauty Consultant. He is a creepy little man that is always lurking around. His eyes turn red whenever he approves of the way the Queen looks. He mixes beauty potions and creates creams out of ingredients like spiders and leaves for the Queen to use to maintain her beautiful appearance. It is Queen Veda's jealousy that leads her to devise her most diabolical plan ever. The Queen creates a new Academy for the best and brightest girls of the land. About fifty girls receive personal invitations to attend this prestigious academy and Pell, Ana's best friend, is one of them. Ana is heartbroken, thinking that she will lose her best friend forever. But on the advice of the Beauty Consultant, Queen Veda sends Ana to the Academy, too. Pell and Ana are thrilled to be attending a school that will provide rigorous academics, while at the same time being roommates. However, a sinister plot awaits all the girls that attend the Academy. BEAUTY is a fast-paced fairy tale that pulls at your heartstrings. The reader will cheer for Ana when she finally realizes the truth about her mother. The sinister plan could have been more sinister and the ending a little more complex, but overall this is a fascinating story, definitely one for fans of queens, princesses, and fairy tales.


Interesting concept, but it seemed rushed and a lot was not explained. For a girl who's about to be sixteen Ana is very immature and speaks mostly like a child, the tone I got from the writing was that she was closer to twelve.

Audrey *Ebook and Romance Lover*

Beauty is like a modern fairy-tale with a mixture of all the princess stories. Ana is a really beautiful princess. Ana wants to be very ugly. She has tried ever since she was twelve and could see her mother's hatred when someone complemented her beauty. Now she doesn't bathe, brush her hair, doesn't trim her nails, and eats nothing but nasty food and pastries. The way she eats has left her body looking fat and her face blemished. She is happy because this pleases her mother. But it still makes her sad. Queen Veda is her mother and the most beautiful women in the kingdom. Beauty and looks is her main focus. She is never without her Beauty Consultant. He is a strange little man who's eyes turn red every time the queen looks beautiful. He mixes and makes beauty potions and creates creams out of ingredients such like spiders and leaves for the Queen to use to maintain her beautiful face and body. It is the Queen Veda's jealousy for her daughter that makes her make the most evil plan yet. The Queen creates an academy for the best, beautiful, brightest girls in the kingdom. About fifty girls receive personal invitations including her beautiful best friend Pell. Ana is heartbroken thinking she will lose her best friend forever. But on the advice of her beauty consultant the Queen sends Ana away to the academy. Pell and Ana are very happy to be going. Ana suddenly starts seeing suspicious things. Is the academy really what it is?


A short but enjoyable read.


I like this book beauty because it teaches me to live my life and not try to live others because they look better than me. This book tells you at the end that your still yourself and nothing could change your looks or even who you are.This book also tought me not to change myself to meet others standers or to make people happy I will always be myself. This book was about a young girl who would do anything to make herself ugly so her mother would love her, her mother wanted to be the only beautiful person and if she thought someone was a challenge to her beauty she would send them away shes a queen and she has the power. So one day the girls mother sent her to a school were all the beautiful children went and they gave them beauty pills so they would look better than what they do, and that pills began to make those young girls sicker and sicker until they would have to be killed. When the queens daughter found out that it was the mothers plan to have the young girls killed she took the knife and put a long slash across her face and she ran to her mothers palace and told her that she was ugly again and she had no need to kill her. The mother was mad because the maid let her find out what the mother was up to so she choked him and his eyes turned yellow soon he wasnt the maid no more and the mother vanshed he was the daughters father which the queen had killed because she thought he was to beautiful.


This and other reviews can be found on my blog, Ramblings of a Reader.I sat down to read this yesterday, and I honestly didn't get up until I was done {very engrossing + shorter book + Little D was taking his long nap = getting stuff done!}. Beauty combined newer YA with {dare I say it?} a bit of classic Disney. The story was great, and the plotline was really good, but there are some "buts"... I'll get to that in a minute. First, characters!Ana is a love-starved young woman when she's first introduced. She craves her mother's love and affection, and has seen the only way she can obtain that is by trying to be as hideous as possible {think Snow White and her stepmother type of relationship, if Snow White was aware that her stepmom }. And the author does describe her as being pretty hideous {boils, zits, pock-marks, green and black nails, no personal hygiene whatsoever}, so it is a little weird that she can go from that to absolutely stunning within a short period of time when she goes to the Academy and starts actually cleaning herself up. But its also kind of interesting that Ana {our Snow} knows her mother resents her for the beauty people saw in Ana when she was young {before she started to make herself physically repulsive to earn her mother's love}.Ana craves her mother's love like its a drug. She will do anything for it, which is evident by the way she treats herself. Its a little sad to read a story about a girl who will pretty much harm herself to make her mother not hate her {I honestly can't write that her mother even likes her... I just can't...}. Thank goodness she goes to the Academy, because she finally gets some self-worth and starts to value herself and treat her body like something she cares about {no more junk food 24/7, taking baths, just overall learning decent hygiene}. Too bad for her, that also makes her look more and more beautiful {beauty from the inside is able to blossom on the outside as well!}.We all know the premiss of the Snow White story: girl is beautiful, stepmother is jealous when girl becomes more beautiful than her, stepmother hires someone to kill girl. The twisted part to this story is the stepmother is her actual birth mother who eventually wants her dead.I enjoyed this book, but it was a little too anticlimactic for me. I had to read the ending twice just to be sure I didn't miss something, it all happened so fast. It was only 175 pages, and I think the first 145 or so felt like it was just the beginning of the story {not in a bad way}. Some of the characters could have used better development, but I am also used to read slightly longer books, so 175 pages doesn't seem like enough to do a really in depth story. Overall it was a nice read, but for such a quick read I think I would go with something a little "fluffier".


I am usually not so critical of books but I just really did not like this book. There was just many things wrong with it. the synopsis originally sounded really intriguing to me but it did not turn out to be what I hoped it would be. The book follows the story of Ana the daughter of very beautiful Queen Veda. Queen Vedas goal in life is to be the most beautiful person of all time. So when she sees how beautiful her daughter is becoming she shuns her. All that Ana wants though is to have her mother love her. In result she tries to make herself as ugly as possible. But still her mother is worries of Ana becoming more beautiful then her so she sends her away to a special academy. But at the academy the girls are as obsessed with being beautiful as Ana's mother and maybe even more. The thing that was the biggest issue for my was the way the author wrote the story it was written in a very exaggerated and over the top voice. Sometimes it also sounded kind of childish to me too. She also wrote the story in a very dark way sometimes which I wouldn't originally object to but sometimes it just came out being really strange. There was also not much character development in the book. I also couldn't stand the main character Ana. She was so whiny at times and came across desperate and annoying. I could not connect to her at all and that made the book hard to read. Not one of the characters in this book actually stood out to me in a good way. They were either annoying, strange, or just boring.Overall this book just did not don't for me, it was dark, annoying, and strange. I think this book could of had potential with the interesting synopsis but the author just did not execute it the right way.


Not the most well-written book, though the the idea itself is intriguing. The cover is beautiful though.


To be honest I kind of hated this book. It was waaaaaay too simplistic and character development was at about a zero. This book felt like someone trying to teach middle schoolers about the dangers of drugs, instead of an actual book. Characterization was flimsy at best and not very consistent. Too bad really because the concept of this book seemed really cool, it could have been excellent, but a good idea can't carry a whole book.


This book could have used more character development. I definitely like Princess Academy by Shannon Hale much more!

Stephanie A.

All the things Audrey Hepburn said.


2005- I'm a big fan of fairy tale retellings, and that's what I thought I was getting when I picked up this slim book. Instead, I got a story that seems to take about 3/4ths of the book to set up, and then wraps up so quickly you wonder if pages have fallen out of your copy. Ana is the daughter of a vain, beautiful mother, who only seems to love Ana if she is not a threat to her beauty. To gain her mother's love, Ana gains weight, doesn't wash her hair, and picks up other icky habits. Then Ana's best friend gets an invitation to attend a private girl's boarding school and before she knows it, Ana is send away to join her. Add in a little strange man that follows her mother everywhere and we're about halfway through the book. The story continues to feel like set up to a major plot twist, but the rest of the book just sort of...happens...and it's over. Not recommended.


I REALLY liked this book! It was an extremely good read!!(Ms Mellington, I recommend you read it!)

Erin (Jump Into Books)

I have always been a fan of retellings (as I'm sure you have heard me say before), so when I saw this book I knew I had to read it. And let's face it, the cover is beautiful!Beauty is a retelling of the classic Snow White. But instead of being a wicked step-mother, it's a wicked mother who becomes jealous of her daughter's beauty. And Ana will do anything for her mother's approval, even if it means she needs to become hideous. But when the Beauty Consultant informs Queen Veda that her daughter will still surpass her in beauty she decides it's time to send her daughter away to a boarding school.The characters were great! I really liked the relationship that Ana had with Pell. They have such a strong friendship, even when times are tough and things start to strain at their friendship, they always seem to pull through. Ana also loved her mother the Queen, very much and was always trying to please her. They had a more unconventional bond. Although Ana was alienated by her mother, she still loved her and still desperately tried to win her approval.The story was quite good, however, very predictable. I could see where the direction of the story was going halfway through the book as soon as her friend, Pell, was accepted to a boarding school. I did wish to read more of what happened at the end of the book, instead the reader was kind of left hanging a little.All in all, this was a great first novel for Nancy Ohlin and I cannot wait to read more. I would recommend this for anyone ages 14 and up.


In this book, Queen veda of ran doesn't believe on growing old. Because the queen does not believe this, she shuns everything that she believes that would make her look or feel old. In other words, she believes that if she shuns her daughter, that she wouldn't feel or look old. Yet her daughter has both beauty and intelligence.So basically, Ana her daughter knows what the queen is up to.I have a connection with Ana. You see what ana is facing is basically jealousy. I once faced jealousy with my enemy Jena. She used to be jealous of me in first and second grade. So basically me and Ana have a connection of jealousy. I gave this book 4 stars. The reason why is because I liked it but i didn't really enjoy how Ana had solved her jealousy between her and her mom. It was pretty stupid because if I was Ana I could have just talked to my mom like I did with Jena.

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