Behavior in Public Places

ISBN: 0029119405
ISBN 13: 9780029119402
By: Erving Goffman

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Reader's Thoughts


I need to read this book for my thesis.


Just bought this from the thrift store down the street, the one that looks like it smells like cat. The book smells fine though.

Heather Clitheroe

A book that would be read by many more people if it were renamed 'Muggle Studies.' Well worth the time.


WHOA! This book looks so fascinating! When and why is it ok to look in a mirror/at your reflection in a window? How is that gendered? Eye contact--all the subtleties of the rules we follow.

Words Deeds

This predates Google Plus's "Circles" by years. The public and private spheres are intersecting. So, how to behave in public spaces? Behave well. Rules to live by.

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