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ISBN 13: 9780515093551
By: Anne Rampling Anne Rice

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2 cassettes / 3 hoursRead by Al Mohrmann "Belinda" is the ultimate fantasy. A golden-haired object of desire, fresh and uninhibited. But to Jeremy Walker, a handsome and famous 44-year-old illustrator of children's books, "Belinda" is a forbidden passion. She's sweet sixteen - and the most seductive woman he's ever known.

Reader's Thoughts

Chris G.

Too many words... seriously. I love Anne Rice, but sometimes I wonder if she gets paid by the word count. Quite a few places where the story drags while the author takes time out to spend 20 pages describing the history of a place or art, etc. flip, flip, flip... back to the story.The story itself is good, if not a bit contrived. Very dated at this point. The 16yo starlet is my age, making her 44 now. Lots of references to the time period that don't hold up now. Would love to see a rewritten, modernized version.Despite the inevitable comparisons to Lolita, it's not. Better story, and better ending, for sure.


Even with my generous suspension of disbelief, this was unrealistic and ridiculous. I think Anne Rice wrote it just to enjoy imagining the sex.

Chari Saiz

** spoiler alert ** Se me ha hecho largo el exceso, me esperaba otra cosa y no un tío con obsesiones que, desde mi punto de vista, rozan la pedofilia.Me he sentido incómoda por mucho que se quiera disfrazar a Belinda de madura, pensando que ella no deja de ser una niña en un mundo de adultos con la presión que ello conlleva y planteándome si esa obsesión del protagonista no se hacía ya patente en las oscuras pinturas de las niñas que realizaba hasta entonces.Me ha costado mucho, muchísimo la primera parte; la segunda se me ha hecho un tanto soporífera en tanto que me resultaba inverosímil y lioso tanta explicación y no he terminado de entender por qué era tan importante Susan Jeremiah y la película que rodó con Belinda, adquieren una relevancia desorbitada. La tercera parte me ha resultado más amena, pero quizá simplemente es que tenía afán por terminar de leer de una vez.Es el segundo libro de Anne Rice que leo no relacionado con el mundo de la vampirología y me ha decepcionado muchísimo. Aburridísimo.

Vanessa theJeepDiva

AWEFUL! I am one of those individuals that must finish the book no matter how much I dislike it. Some of the reviews describe this book as sexy or erotic. I am confused. I did not read anything sexy or erotic in this book. I did however read about a dirty old man exploiting an uneducated poorly raised teenager. I felt so sorry for Belinda. She was raised by thoughtless people. The notebook/letter to Jeremy from Belinda was a torture all on its own. I mean, I mean how many times is she gonna use that phrase in her tale of the events of her life.... I mean....


This continues to be one of my all time favourite books. Forget everything you thought you knew about an Anne Rice novel. No vampires or the like to be found here. Actually, what lies within this book is a very engaging story about a teenage girl and her love affair with a middle-aged children's author. Yes, I know that last sentence has this sounding more like some sick pedophile story-time rather than the gripping and heart-breaking novel that this is. But trust me (and her many fans) when I say that this is a standard tragic love story turned up a couple of notches thanks to Anne's impressive and lush story-telling which will keep you enthralled to the very last page.I say give this story a chance if you've shunned Anne's other work in the past. This book stands alone by being totally unlike anything else she's written. What few faults there were to be found I felt were few and far between.

Kim Vanderpool

I m fourteen and I happen to like it book along with her other books as well like interview with the vAmpire and Also the vampire lestat

Robert Negut

I have to say once again that, for me, a good book must include non-humans, be they elves, vampires, extraterrestrials or whatever else, and/or magic. Or, at least, if it needs to happen in the "real world", have the decency to be placed at least a few centuries ago. I don't want to read a book that depicts things I can see around me. Also, I want a grand scale, the final outcome affecting the entire world, or at least a significant portion of it, not just the lives of a few characters.Still, I'll have to do what those critics in the book did with Jeremy's paintings and grudgingly say... This book is a masterpiece and I'd highly recommend it to absolutely anyone, despite only giving it four stars; that's for the reasons I explained above.All of Anne Rice's obsessions are, naturally, present, and her idea of relationships with outrageous age gaps between the two is obviously staring you right in the face. And while I still find something like this, being with someone who could be your (grand)parent/child, utterly disgusting, in this book I didn't mind at all. Of course, I'll ask what would Belinda and Jeremy be doing now, were they to be real? 20 years after the book was written, she'd be 36 and he'd be 65.But I just said 20 years after the book was written, didn't I? And you know what? It would be accurate to the smallest detail in depicting the general reaction to something like this even now! Disturbing, isn't it?The only thing not depicted as bad in the book that I found (very) disturbing were the fur coats...And the sex scenes are just... electric. I heard the ones in "The Witching Hour" were her best but, after reading this, I have to disagree.(view spoiler)[But I still won't believe you can get out of such a situation by being just nice to everybody, by not hurting back the ones who tried, and managed, at least to a point, to hurt you. Such an ending did make me say "eh, it's only a book after all".I can understand Belinda not wanting to harm Marty, after what they had, though she could, and maybe should, have reconsidered after the attempted rape, but the others... Hit them till they grovel in dirt at your feet! They did the same to you! (hide spoiler)]Otherwise... 90% of people are rotten to the core and stink to high Heaven, if such a place would exist; "morals" do more harm than good; the legal system, the American one probably more than any other in the Western world, simply sucks; and hiding things from those who are close to you only hurts in the long run... Yeah, I knew that, didn't need a book to remind me. So we're back to my original complaint, which is actually a matter of personal taste and not a complaint about the book itself.That's it, now I'll go back to feeling like shit... My story doesn't have a happy ending...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

Mikella Etchegoyen

When I think of Anne Rice, I think of Vampires and Witches. This book however, lacks the touch of the supernatural that most people would identify with Anne Rice. Of course, it is one of the several books written under a pseudonym. Either way, I was captivated by the sensual world her words created in Belinda. Belinda is the story of a 44-year-old author of children’s books who becomes fascinated with a beautiful, golden haired sixteen year old girl. I became entranced by the tale of their love affair. Told primarily from Jeremy Walker’s POV, as a reader I was left wondering along with him. Jeremy spends most of the book searching for the answers to his questions about Belinda and her history. While I picked up on the hints Rice leaves about the identity of Belinda early on, I was able to follow along with Jeremy’s desperation to solve the mystery of Belinda. I was able to rejoice, and doubt, and grieve with the characters. And that was why I was able to finish it so quickly. It was an excellent read, even though I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it just by reading the blurb on the back cover.


Can't believe I haven't added this before! It's one of my childhood favourites (weirdly enough) and I absolutely loved it. I loved all the insane characters and globe-trotting and rich famousness. I was dying to read Crimson Mardi Gras (the book Jeremy ghost-writes for his mother) and watch Belinda's mother's night time soap and the inscrutable foreign film Belinda makes with the cowboy-hat lesbian. If you're thinking of reading it and expecting a 1980's Lolita, stop. This is pure soapy trash. When I first read it I was about 13 and didn't really think anything was up with a sophisticated 16-year-old like from Sweet Valley High getting it together with a much older man. Now I'm almost 30 and 16-year-olds look about 10 so that ramps up the ick-factor and I'm almost afraid to re-read it in case my memories of it are ruined, so I'm just going to remember it through the haze of ages.


While I enjoyed the book overall, I had to give it one less star based on pacing. The book sort of lagged in the middle and I almost put it away to take a crack at it another day. However I don't like to not finish a book so I read on and i'm glad I did it. This book tackles a relationship between a 44 year old children's book writer/artist and a 16 year old girl who is the daughter of a movie star. At first I didn't know how to feel about it but then as I read it appeared that out of everyone Jeremy was the only person willing to do what was right for Belinda. It's a strange relationship between a man trying to figure out what he really wants to do with his life and a girl who has dark secrets and is wise beyond her years. If you are an Anne Rice fan I fully recommend this book. However if the age difference between the two main characters is too much for you to accept than I don't recommend you reading this. It's one of those books that you have to go into with an open mind.


Anne Rice starts off this novel by declaring, "THIS NOVEL IS DEDICATED TO ME". Sadly, that's the best and most entertaining part in the entire book.

Mirvan Ereon

I love this. A Lolita for the new generation but more tender and more accesible.

Eroti Cliterature

If you didn't read this book when it came out, you might think it an erratic, saccharine view of child abuse. Because I was only a little older than the heroine, I saw it as a wonderful dream of freedom. Yes, it was unrealistic. Yes, Jeremy Walker was oddly obsessive. Who cares, so was Fast Times at Ridgemont High in many ways, and it was fantastic.I loved Anne's ability to describe both Belinda's relationship with Jeremy and her mother in ways that felt both broken and worthy. Nothing black or white, just the right touch of pain and need that made them feel real.I just re-read it a few weeks ago and it's stood up surprisingly well. The characters still had pop and pizzazz in my aging imagination. It is still one of those books I meditate on when I'm driving with the radio off. It might not be up to Nabokov's standards, but it certainly does meet mine.


Implausible. Unrealistic. Saccharine. A bit smutty. It's been called Lolita-esque, but Rice isn't even close to the writer Nabakov was. It's been called erotic, but I didn't find it so. It's been called seductive, but I was not seduced.There's no depth to this story. No reason either of these characters would fall in love. This is like Anne Rice put some typical sexual fantasy into words and published it because she could.


I am an Anne Rice fan The relationship that developed in the book I didn't have an issue with, I can understand from the male characters point of view. I think, I was personally uncomfortable with the running narrative from the males perspective , pedophile references throughout the book frequent in the beginning and the middle. I thought the ending was satisfactory.

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