Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse

ISBN: 0674068068
ISBN 13: 9780674068063
By: Jennifer J. Freyd

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About this book

This work looks at the logic of forgotten abuse. The author's theory shows how psychogenic amnesia not only happens but, if the abuse occurred at the hands of a parent or caregiver, is often necessaary for survival. It should give embattled professionals, beleaguered abuse survivors, and the confused public an understanding of the lifelong effects and treatment of child abuse.

Reader's Thoughts

Billie Rain

jennifer freyd is the daughter of pamela and peter freyd, infamous founders of the so-called false memory syndrome foundation. in this book, she completely refutes the claims of the FMSF and provides cogent and detailed explanations for the phenomena of repressed memories of child abuse. this book is vital armor for the survivor movement, and i commend freyd for her brave and intelligent rebuttal of her parents' warped perspectives.


A marvelous book, intermediate in tone between general, serious non-fiction and a scholarly book. Those who persevere till the end are rewarded not only with a deep understanding of a set of important, trauma-related concepts, but a fascinating and unexpected revelation about Freyd's personal life story.

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