ISBN: 0061056103
ISBN 13: 9780061056109
By: Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

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About this book

Attacking savagely, stealing land, and corrupting the ancient customs that the people of Keltia have cherished since the time of Atlantis, the hated Firvolgi are well on their way to conquering the Kelts. But the gods bring gifts with calamities, and in this dark time a bright light has appeared. Born orphaned on the battlefield, her name is Athyn Cahanagh, but she is known by friend and foe alike as Blackmantle. As she sweeps Keltia to victory and is acclaimed as High Queen, Athyn meets the great and gifted bard, Morric Douglas, and a love story as deep as all time begins.

Reader's Thoughts


I read this book several years ago, and found it to be a "spoil me" book...the kind that you can't honestly say is objectively a masterpiece, but it's just so darn fun to read you can't help yourself!Morrison's concept is that there's a planet that was founded by the Ancient Celts, who escaped the planet. A very weird concept, to be sure, but it allows her to create a brand new fantasy world based on Celtic lore and myth. I found her world to be very immersive, although the writing was by no means at the master level. To anyone who enjoys Celtic myth and just wants a fun read, pick this book up. This is the only 'Keltiad' book I ever read, so I have no idea how it stacks up to the others.

Galadriel Johnson

An absolute wonderful mix of Sci-fy and fantasy.

Amanda Ryan-Romo

A really breath-taking Celtic version of the Orpheus myth. One of the few books that has really brought me to tears and does every time I re-read it.


** spoiler alert ** I need to get something off my chest here before I start.I love this book like fire and burning and red-hot magma. Part of it is leftover nostalgia, sure, but part of it is just that Athyn is a badass.The first half of this book deals with Athyn growing up and becoming part of a resistance movement in her country/star system/what have you. She must deal with her origins, her quite frankly abusive older brother, and take care of the horses all at the same time. Then she becomes the equivalent of a lawyer and proceeds to kick ass at the profession. And, you know, eventually become a general-y type person and save the world.That's the first half, guys. That's the half I love. That is the half that I would go through a lot to read.It's the second half that's disappointing.Somebody dies, Athyn goes bonkers but the book seems to think that killing a frillion people for occasionally badmouthing you and your husband is okay, and she takes time off from her high queenship (and at this I shit you not) to go ALONE into an ENEMY STAR SYSTEM to kill ONE WOMAN.Granted, she ends up killing more and turning a couple of people into pigs, but still. The Queen of a nation comprised of at LEAST three star systems goes ALONE into ENEMY TERRITORY to kill one woman. I don't care if she killed your husband, you ninny, you have a freaking country to run!You know, I could understand if this was in the heat of the moment or whatever, but no, this is a couple of years later. I just... the lack of responsibility boggles my mind. YOU HAVE SPECIAL FORCES, ATHYN. FOR SERIOUS. MOST OF THEM SERVED YOU IN THE WAR. Send somebody in. Get the murderous fiend! If you really feel the driving need to kill her yourself, have them bring her back to you!And frankly, I'd've preferred the possible bittersweet ending to the story rather than the cheery OH LOOK WE'LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER AS GODS YAY US! But then, that issue is the only problem I had with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, so it's possible that that one's YMMV.I give Blackmantle 4/5, because that first bit is just so damn awesome.


There are some grammatical issues I remember seeing. All in all though, is a story of love and magic. A good read once you get into it. Also, thought it was cool that there are some Gaelic words throughout used.


Not a huge fan of this kind of stuff...It was ok

Rebecca Huston

Part of Kennealy-Morrison's Keltiad novels, this one is a standalone. A pity that she stopped writing these, this one was pretty good. For the complete review, please go here:


I suppose the book she wrote about her life with Jim Morrison wasn't enough, so she had to ficitionalize it to get her revenge. I kept reading this expecting it to get better, but it never really did.

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