Blood and Oil: Inside the Shah’s Iran (Modern Library Paperbacks)


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About this book

Anyone who views Iran merely as a nation of Muslim fanatics should read this riveting exposition of its tortuous 20th-century history. Born in 1917 into an aristocratic Iranian family, Manucher Farmanfarmaian served his country in the treacherous world of petroleum production and distribution--the source, he believes, of the disastrous Western meddling that indirectly led to the 1979 fundamentalist revolution. Writing with his journalist daughter, Farmanfarmaian details Iran's labyrinthine internal politics and international relations with thoroughness enlivened by muscular prose, a sharp eye for character, and lots of good anecdotes.

Reader's Thoughts

Ali akh

کتابی که قسمتی از تاریخ ایران رو راوی نقل میکند

Ab Farman-farmaian

Must be read by anyone interested in the history of oil and oil politics. A brilliant account of the history of this commodity and it's implications on Iran's history..

Zack Scott

Excellent primer on the Petro-politics of Iran and the revolution from the prospective of an inside player who has shaped much of the oil economy today. Also a very interesting view of an Islamic polygamous household.

Mike Moskos

OK, this is a really long and detailed book, a memoir from a member of one of Iran's most elite families who was heavily involved both with politics and oil. If you want to understand the more about the politics of oil (and governments' meddling with it), this is the book to read. He helped to start OPEC. This is the story of how the British government-majority owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now BP) f......d Iran at every opportunity. It is also the story of how that oil money changed Iran, American/British involvement, and how those changes led to the Shah's resignation and the Islamic Revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini. It's a great story--told from the perspective of an aristocrat who while he plays with most elite leaders, repeatedly goes in and out of favor with the government. It is a detailed memoir, very long and may be too much for the reader just try to understand Iran's relationship with Britain/U.S.



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