BloodAngel (BloodAngel #1)

ISBN: 0451460529
ISBN 13: 9780451460523
By: Justine Musk

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About this book

In downtown Manhattan, a rising young painter is haunted by disturbing dreams...In small-town Minnesota, a teenage orphan struggles with a knowledge beyond his years-and a destiny he wants no part of...In California, young and old, hipsters and hippies, fall under the spell of a wildly charismatic singer whose voice breaks down all barriers-including the ones between heaven and hell. The fans of Asha are finding one other-and the world is running out of time.

Reader's Thoughts

Leah Clifford

This book kicks serious ass. It's one of those books you read and love and after you let out a heavy sigh and say to yourself "I will never be this good." And then you go back to page one and start it all over again.

Caroline Barnard-Smith

Justine Musk reads like the bastard offspring of Stephen King and Poppy Z. Brite - A prospect that made me do that drooling Homer Simpson thing (mmm... doughnut!)Bloodangel is beautifully written but is not for the faint-hearted. For those who don't care if their hearts become faint, there's plenty of demons, blood and some truly horrific images. Most importantly though, this is a story about people and destiny - whether they want to accept it or not. My only criticism is that I became so drawn into the story of orphan Ramsey Doe, I began wishing he had more page space. Thankfully, Ms Musk has written a sequel :)


** spoiler alert ** This was a perfectly okay book, full of well-written prose, but the story never engaged me. Perhaps that was because the characters themselves never felt fully engaged in it. Either they were drugged beyond caring what happened, or they'd shut their fears away and wouldn't allow themselves to feel what a normal person would, or they were superhuman near-immortals who didn't really care what danger they might face. The whole "Burning Man is EVIL" ending was silly, especially since it left no repercussions in the Real World (tm). People apparently died (although no one whose name we knew), demons were loosed, but there were no news reports, no radio comments, not even any headlines anywhere that revealed that the events of the story reached beyond the pages on which they were told.I wanted more from this book.


Musk's first work. It's pretty good. I liked the plot and the characters are decently developed. Still, feels like it could have been a little longer to really flesh out the world she's created. I'd like to hear more about how it all works together. I'd especially like to know more about Kai's life before all the events in this book. A prequel would be excellent.


One of the best books I've read this year. A very dark urban fantasy, with beautifully lyrical writing making the book impossible to put down. At times the plot was disjointed and very confusing, but it didn't matter because the writing was so good.


This book is pretentious, I don't know what else to say. It seems to try hard to be shocking, but is couched in overly flowery prose and just comes off as... well... pretentious.


I had eyed for quite some time, and now I wish I had picked it up sooner and read it. The title made me think vampires, but really it was more of a magic, angels and demons kind of book. I enjoyed the writer's style and the story she told, and will most certainly read any other books she writes.

Janet Whalen-Jones


Gianne Kris

I don't find this book exhilarating. it was just a book to read to pass the time. it didn't made me to want to know more about the characters.


A complicated story of horror and strange people and powers.All about an evil that's been hidden for years and now is going to come back and about a group of people trying to fight it.It's more in the horror than the urban fantasy end of things and not really to my taste. Not a bad read but it didn't really resonate with me.


Write a review...i was excited at first but then it was just meh.


Gave up on this one...just got tiresome

Robin Edman

I would like this book better if I was sure that I know how it ends.

Madonna Hamelin

this is a really great concept for a series. I have to tell u that a little more depth would be nice. also it is a little hard to follow at times


An apocalyptic story about angry people trying to destroy/save the world. Excellent writing craft though.

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