Bobbi Brown Living Beauty

ISBN: 0755316290
ISBN 13: 9780755316298
By: Bobbi Brown

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About this book

Bobbi Brown began the trend toward natural-looking cosmetics with a simple philosophy: Women want to look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident. Today, top editors at elite fashion magazines--including In Style, Vogue, Allure, and Harpers Bazaar--revere her, and celebrities and millions of regular women throughout the world swear by her beauty advice. Now Bobbi Brown has written THE book redefining beauty for women over 40, BOBBI BROWN LIVING BEAUTY. In this refreshing look at beauty and aging, Bobbi offers specific makeup tricks for a stunning face--showing how makeup can solve most of the flaws that many women go under the knife to fix. In fact, the right makeup can create an even skin tone, lift the cheeks, plump a smile...even take years off any woman's face. The key is to use makeup to enhance each woman's best features and showcase her natural beauty. With step-by-step makeup instructions and quotes from beautiful women like Marcia Gay Harden, Vera Wang, Susan Sarandon, and Lorraine Bracco, Bobbi Browns natural, celebratory approach to aging will enlighten and inspire women everywhere.

Reader's Thoughts


This book is good if you are 40 and older.

Melissa Lambert

I love this book! It's got great beauty tips for all ages! I use it often, when I have question

Chocolate & Croissants

The tips Bobbie Brown gives are helpful, however there is nothing new in this book if you read fashion and beauty magazines. I was slightly disappointed with the book-expecting a lot more from it. I thought there would be tips on technique and application-but nothing-she talks about what makeup brushes to use but does not show you their shape. She talks about color but once again no-sketches on how to apply it-just what colors to use. This book was akin to a magazine article.

Lucy J Jeynes

Fantastic tips in here - the "make-up facelift" really is fabulous. Since I am reinventing myself this year, I imagine I'll be referring to it a lot.


I won a copy of Bobbi Brown’s Living Beauty from a contest by Wendi at Wendi’s Book Corner. When I read a summary of the book I realized it was targeted to women 40 and over and since I am still in my 30s I asked my wonderful Mom to read it and give me her viewpoint.************Here are her comments:I was impressed by the detail Bobbi goes into to bring knowledge and insight to women over 40. It is refreshing to see the improvements that can be achieved by experience and care. I enjoyed the makeover pictures and all the information on conditions of my skin that I am experiencing but did not know there was a solution for. I have started an exfoliating regime and moisturizing face and body. I have also enjoyed the info about lipstick and gloss for older women. Another thing I knew but had not read it quite like Bobbi puts it, was diet and meditation, how they work together to inspire energy (very interesting) and you are what you think and eat. Another section that informed me was the section on midlife pregnancy, a topic never a concern in my past or future, but it opened up my eyes to what younger women are dealing with, in fact I believe having babies at an older age is the key to staying younger because good health is critical for a safe delivery. I still have the second half of the book to read. It has commentaries from individual women; I look forward to their comments. THANK YOU FOR THE KNOWLEDGE.************I admired how BB ‘kept it real’ with explaining a bit of her own missteps in living beauty and then providing a mantra of how she views her own beauty now. There is an abundance of before and after comparisons of makeovers of women over 40…some of them are quite dramatic and show just what a little bit of under eye concealer, highlighter and lipstick can do. The book also has sections on skin treatments, hair makeovers, menopause and nutrition. A great guide for women over 40 who want bring their health and beauty up a notch or two.http://myobsessionwithbooks.blogspot....

Nicole X

this is my first library book review, and so it has inspired my rating system. One star for each criteria:Finished the book ★I'd read it again ★★I'd recommend it to someone else ★★★I'd like to receive it as a gift ★★★★I'm going to buy it ★★★★★I have some issues with this book encouraging time consuming hair and makeup tips, but when you can look so much fresher with just a little concealer, it's hard to not appreciate that the author is trying to encourage us to age gracefully. Lots of good skin care tips, with a good glossary of cosmetics and associated implements. Definitely three-stars.Adding a note here. I own another book by this author Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution (bought used) and I gave it five stars.I'm going to get better at doing these reviews, but not tonight.


Just got this from the library, as I admire this cosmetics queen who looks and advocates a natural look. Some interesting tips on food and clothing as well as makeup.

Nancy Draughon

I have this book-interesting views and good ideas for growing older, gracefully. Yes, I'm at the age where I need to remember that I earned the gray hairs and wrinkles:)


I didn't realize this was a makeup/lifestyle book for pre- and post-menopausal women. Whoops. But there are still some great tips in here. Although I think it's always annoying when people stray from their areas of expertise. Bobbi Brown is a makeup artist; I don't want to go to her for recipe tips.


A fantastic look at beauty from an icon in the industry. Bobbi Brown not only looks at the surface but also takes what goes into our bodies into consideration and also what we do with it. Great advice on how every woman can bring out her inner beauty.


I am a library girl. Don't like to keep books on my shelves like trophies of what I have read. I only keep books that I know I will reread. This a copy of this just might make it on my bookshelf.


Great book on how to look your best. Lots of beauty, health, and fashion tips. Great on how to age gracefully-wear your sunscreen everybody!


I like Bobbi Brown. Basically, this book is a bunch of things she's learned in terms of beauty over her lifetime. Things like getting facials, teeth whitening, makeup (of course), wardrobe. I would say it seems primarily geared toward "aging" women, as she gives a lot of different tips (mostly makeup) to combat different aging issues. Even though she has a lot of makeup tips, I would say she still really emphasizes natural beauty (for instance, she's not into plastic surgery, lip plumpers, and thinks some typical aging signs like wrinkles are beautiful as you've earned them, etc), which I guess is what good makeup does. I would've given this a 2.5 star rating b/c there were a lot of "What is Beauty" answers from various women, that is nice, but just seemed kind of campy to me. I did get some nice tips for makeup though.


I read this in a couple of sittings at Barnes & Noble. It has some interesting tips about aging gracefully. And info about options without pushing trying to look 21 for the rest of your life.


guilty pleasure.

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