Books of Blood: Volumes 4-6

ISBN: 0751512257
ISBN 13: 9780751512250
By: Clive Barker

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About this book

Here are the stories written on the Book of Blood. They are a map of that dark highway that leads out of life towards unknown destinations. Few will have to take it. Most will go peacefully along lamplit streets, ushered out of living with prayers and caresses. But for a few, the horrors will come, skipping, to fetch them off to the highway of the damned ...From the brilliant World Fantasy Award winner Clive Barker come fourteen spine-chilling stories of darkness unleashed, gathered together in one volume for the first time. These are visionary tales of terror which will curdle the very marrow in your bones ...

Reader's Thoughts

J.C. Michael

I'm a big fan of Barkers novels but although there are some great stories here, I felt bogged down by the language.For me, short stories work best when delivered with a punch, and some of these just seemed too heavy going to really enjoy them.I didn't particularly dislike the book, it was ok, but I wouldn't put it on my favourites list by some way. Maybe I'm being too harsh, and expected more because of the reputation the book, and author, has, but all in all a sound three stars feels like the right rating for me.


In Brazil, it's really really hard to find Books of Blood. No one seems to know about Clive Barker in here, except for Hellraiser. Anyway, it was worth looking, it contents very good stories. I just got the feeling that better things would come eventually in the other books of the series. Could not find them yet though.


ok but does not make you want to keep reading and not put the book down


My guilty pleasure.

Brent Soderstrum

Not a big fan of short stories but I had read Books of Blood Vols. 1-3 and had really enjoyed it. As other reviewers have said t"his books collection just didn't measure up. It started off pretty good with "The Body Politic", "Revelations" and "The Age of Desire" in Volume 4 but went downhill after that till it got to the point where I was looking forward to wrapping it up and I was very glad they were short stories.Barker should had one Book of Blood consisting of 4 volumes. The rest is mind clutter.


I'm a huge Clive Barker fan. The Books of Blood don't disappoint ( not often at least) and the stories within a story idea is a good one. Many of the stories are excellent, only some are a bit weak. I will revisit these in the near future.


Some of Barker's best work.

Brian Sammons

Not as good as the first 3, but still pretty damn good.

John Haymond

The collection of short horror stories, (while amazingly graphic and violent) is as top notch and excellent as it gets. I cant rave enough about Clive Barkers uncanny story telling abilities.

Marten Hoyle

I wish I could find words to adequately describe what Clive Barker's work is like. Stunning comes to mind. Some of it was downright disturbing, but altogether brilliant. Of the three volumes, my favorite stories were "Body Politic" and "The Madonna." Some of the stories were your general run-of-the-mill terror tales, but for the most part the stories were unique and utterly genius. Clive Barker is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

Sharon Roy


Alex Laybourne

What is there that coould be said about the books of blood, or any other of Clive Barkers books. The words read like poetry in many places. The books transcend horror, and genre. They twist our reality and stretch out minds to the fringes of disbelief and then brings us home at a pace, leaving us often feeling as if we have been on an adventure far greater, and far more real than could possibly every be put in words. A master of the gross, the macabre and the divine, the books of blood are not merely comprised of these aspects as individuals, but rather they are thrown together and turned into a concoction that defies description.As a writer, never have a read such a collection of work thast fills me with such a strong desire to write, yet at the same time, make me so self conscious that I doubt every word I could write. For what could come so close to the flow of prose that Barker employs.

Ken Wolf

Doesn't quite have the same visceral impact as Volumes 1-3. Still, there are some great stories in there and Clive Barker is still miles better than most.


This book is a great read!


The Body Politic: 4/5 - hilarious and absurd, yet still somewhat scary. Clive Barker is quite funny if he is trying to be.The Forbidden: 3/5 - I think my impression of this story was marred by how fantastic Candyman was. Nothing could live up to that movie. Still interesting to see the source material though.

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