Boondocks, tome 1 : Parce-que je sais (1ère partie)

ISBN: 2871294542
ISBN 13: 9782871294542
By: Aaron McGruder

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Reader's Thoughts


Loved it! Just as good as the television show.


McGruder's a smart guy!


So this is kept in the Children's section at my public library. At first I thought "what is this doing here?" because I've seen the cartoon which is rated TV-MA or whatever. The humour is pretty similar but the striking difference is that while in the TV series they say the n-word in pretty much every episode, there's no "bad words" in the comic strip, except for the occasional exclamation which is totally bleeped out.I don't see a problem with kids reading this. Some of Huey's ideas might go over the heads of kids who aren't looking for an intellectual experience, I'd say it's good for pretty much all ages. Aaron McGruder is hilarious.

Maria Noel

Just as hilarious and eye-opening as the cartoon.


Free Jolly Jenkins!

Katrina (Kindred Dreamheart)

The Boondocks is one of those creative ideas that have graced multiple broadcasting outlets. There’s the television show, the Sunday comic strip, and the novel. I was first introduced to them in the Sunday papers. I’ll admit I only looked at the pictures, happy that there’s a “brown people” cartoon. (Don’t judge me. Hey, we were all young and oblivious once.) I watched one episode of this television show back when it first aired. It was a big deal at the time in my neighborhood, because very few “all African American” portrayed cartoons were available. I absolutely despised Uncle Ruckus and the repeated use of the N-word. While there are episodes that are hilarious, I can’t help but wonder the morals behind the mockery. Recently a co-worker asked me if I’ve read the novels and offered to lend them to me. I was reluctant at first, but NOW I SEE! There is so much more then what’s on the surface. This installment of the series combines all the segments from the Sunday Paper. The title says it all. I took an African American studies course in High School; and this is reminiscent of that. This author fuses the sociology of black people with comedy 101. He found a way to create a character that’s representation of the most common generalization of personality’s psychological mechanics. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Funny because I can see many people I know depicted in the mannerisms of the fictional characters. It sad because it chastises ALL RACES at the same time; Yet many view this comic as “just a black thing”. The Boondocks is political cartoon tackling issues on religion, social, current events, and self reflection. The brutal harsh comedy may turn people away from the real message, but without the voices and antics, the moral can be found in the novels. I don’t agree with every strip or every episode, but the bold & brave bravado tenacity begs to be recognized. I look forward to reading the next novel; because this is the kind of controversial stuff too frowned upon to air on television.

Bee Dee

Ha! I love these guys... I especially love the telemarketer revenge scenario!

Kiara Quinlan

this is so


I laughed out loud more times than I can count and laughter is good for the body and the mind. Aaron McGruder is spot on in so many of these strips.

Daniel Belay

The Boondocks cleverly packs in social commentary, laughs, and a great storyline seamlessly. It's one of those books that will have you laughing even while discussing some of the most controversial of topics. Best of all, it allows you to decide who is right for yourself. A must read.


So Funny


I want to live at the corner of Wu-Tang and Buckshot! I like this book the best because there's a lot of Riley Escobar in it. Huey talking about current issues funny, but I liked it better when it was more character-based.

Hannah Givens

Surprised how much I enjoyed this. Cute and funny and on point.


The boondocks is a show and comic that simply tells the world exactly what everyone is thinking but too afraid to talk about outside their own home.

Christoph Blake

The Boondocks is about the lives of people who live in the little town of Woodcrest. This book features a young intelligent African-American named Huey, his brother Riley, and his grandfather Mr. Freeman. This book also features a young mulatto girl named Jazmine and her parents. This book talks about the personalities the characters. It also talks about the Freeman's living adjustments from Chicago to Woodcrest. The one thing I don't understand about this book is how the book title relates to the books or the characters. Overall, this is a "good read" for kids ages 12+. This age group will understand the book better than younger kids.

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