Brave Decisions: Fifteen Profiles in Courage and Character from American Military History

ISBN: 1574882074
ISBN 13: 9781574882070
By: Harry J. Maihafer John S. McCain

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Reader's Thoughts


Technically, I guess I am abandoning this book. After reading more than half of it, I found that I wasn't really learning anything. I was impressed that it's obviously written for the layperson, with not too much military jargon or confusing strategy. But the examinations of "moral courage" were questionable in some places. A few of those "decisions of moral courage" ...well, weren't. Deciding to be the one to send your troops in first to certain death doesn't necessarily make it a decision of moral courage, while standing up to your superiors to fight for what you believe is right (and are later proved to have been so) may be. Overall, I thought I could learn more about moral courage from another source. Few of the men came alive for me, and I didn't care too much about continuing on, so I stopped.


Better than I expected, especially once it got up to World War I and beyond.

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