Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life

ISBN: 0195161114
ISBN 13: 9780195161113
By: Robert C. Solomon Fernando Flores

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About this book

In business, politics, marriage, indeed in any significant relationship, trust is the essential precondition upon which all real success depends. But what, precisely, is trust? How can it be achieved and sustained? And, most importantly, how can it be regained once it has been broken?In Building Trust, Robert C. Solomon and Fernando Flores offer compelling answers to these questions. They argue that trust is not something that simply exists from the beginning, something we can assume or take for granted; that it is not a static quality or "social glue." Instead, they assert that trust is an emotional skill, an active and dynamic part of our lives that we build and sustain with our promises and commitments, our emotions and integrity. In looking closely at the effects of mistrust, such as insidious office politics that can sabotage a company's efficiency, Solomon and Flores demonstrate how to move from naive trust that is easily shattered to an authentic trust that is sophisticated, reflective, and possible to renew. As the global economy makes us more and more reliant on "strangers," and as our political and personal interactions become more complex, Building Trust offers invaluable insight into a vital aspect of human relationships."

Reader's Thoughts


Book club pick for November 2011

Bob Mcinnis

A must read for leaders in the 21 C

Tobias Mayer

This is a perfectly named book. It is exactly what it says it is, and is a fascinating journey into the heart of trust, beginning with simple, or "blind trust" which repels mistrust, and leading us into an understanding of authentic trust which embraces mistrust as an essential aspect —they use the "two sides of the same coin" analogy.The book is ripe with examples from all four aspects. Of particular interest to me were the business and personal stories. But more than stories and examples, this book gets the reader thinking deeply about his/her own relationships, and seeking ways to create environments of authenticity. As many of my GoodRead friends are in the business of organizational transformation, I'd say this is a must-read. We often talk about trust, as if it is something either there or not there. This book will help you see the space in between.


This is a wordy very good book. It covers philosophically every aspect of trust. Some may not like it for that. Wanting a more emotional person treatment. But I think this authors treatment is a fair and more accurate account of trust.

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