Bulimia: A Guide to Recovery

ISBN: 093607731X
ISBN 13: 9780936077314
By: Lindsey Hall Leigh Cohn

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About this book

Updated with new information, this intimate guidebook offers a comprehensive plan for recovery, including a two-week program to stop binges. Photos.

Reader's Thoughts


9/10I recommend that all bulimics pick up this book at some point.It took me a few chapters to get into it simply because it was filled with facts and figures and statistics that many of us can recite better then our therapists. But once you get past that....It has a great 2 Weeks to stop binging and purging program (I believe it helps decrease the behavior, not create complete abstention.)It has writing clips from many bulimics that are raw and real.It has unusual coping skills.it had a section dedicated to family/friends/loved ones dealing with someone with an eating disorder.I actually found it a very encouraging recovery book. Usually they make me wanna puke (no pun intended) our frustrate me with the 'how to' recover but didn't run into much of that with this one :)

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