Bullets, Badges, and Bullshit

ISBN: 1424124255
ISBN 13: 9781424124251
By: Phil T. O'Brien

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About this book

Bullets, Badges, and Bullshit is a thirty-year police-career compilation involving all three titular subjects, taking place from 1960 into the 1990s. The many stories depicted include a large variety of police actions from humorous to tragic and all that falls in between. These stories depict the turbulent years of the Viet Nam War era and my involvement as a member of the Special Enforcement Detail (SED) riot squad. We were called out frequently, and to such places as Disneyland, the Anaheim Convention Center, the Laguna Rock Festival, Cal State University, Fullerton, Hillcrest Park, and other locations. Also included are accounts of my participation in the California State Police Olympics, administrative blunders, high-speed pursuits, homicides, robberies, burglaries, rapes, practical jokes, and just plain unbelievable screw-ups. Each incident is different from the others, and nothing is predictable. This book is an eye opener to a side of police work that the general public seldom comes in contact with and often has no concept of.

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