Burnt Sienna

ISBN: 0446609609
ISBN 13: 9780446609609
By: David Morrell

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One of my favorite books ever!


Its a roller coaster read


Chase Malone is peacefully painting at his beachside retreat when he’s made an offer he can’t refuse. Halfway thru the book I skipped to the end in case he and the beautiful woman don't get out alive, thus saving myself more than 200 pages of violence and plucky-hero stuff.



Guido Henkel

Not bad at all. This was my first David Morrell novel and I think I'll try another one. I loved the pacing of this book that turned it into a real page turner. The plot twists were nicely laid out and never felt tacked on. The ending was a bit disappointing as it wasn't milked for all that it was worth and Morrell came across as a bit lazy at times reusing the same phrases over and again. But still, I enjoyed the book, its characters and the mix of locations.

Joe O'c

Excellent; artist is hired by arms dealer to paint portrait of his wife; he finds out that wife is then to be killed and sets out to save her and kill her husband.


An arms dealer wants his hotty wife's portrait done up before she's replaced by number four. The artist he chooses is an ex-marine helicopter pilot who doesn't like his buttons pushed. I don't think anyone really won in this tale! Cool ride...


After leaving the marines Chase Malone has found success as an artist. So much success that he comes to the attention of international arms dealer, Derek Bellasar. Bellasar wants Malone to paint two portraits of his wife, Sienna. Bellasar wants him to do it very much and is willing to go to extreme lengths to “convince” Chase it would be a wise career (and life) choice to accept the commission. Despite the fact that Malone is officially a civilian the Secret Service jumps on the chance to get one of their own close to this international bad guy. Things go from bad to worse, and soon Chase and Sienna are on the run not only from Bellasar but from the government as well.I have been a fan of Mr. Morrell’s for several years. As I have mentioned in a prior post he is the creator of Rambo in his novel “First Blood” so that should give readers some idea of the type of books he writes. He has written others, one with a bit of a gothic undertone (Double Image) and one a quite funny tongue and cheek poke at his own genre (The Spy Who Came for Christmas), but with Burnt Sierra he is true to his strength … the thriller. I enjoyed the book.

Ronald Ward

I remember reading this a long time ago.It was interesting because an ex-military guy is trying to forget his past and move on.The quality/success of his work is recognized because a wealthy guy wants him to do a portrait of his missus. Tension is created when he refuses and you are drawn along because you want to know the consequences for him.The story thickens when he agrees and you can feel the danger level going up when he is living with the couple.Then when he discovers the truth the pace quickens and you pulled along a roller-coaster ride fraught with danger from different angles and right at the end when you think the new couple is safe - BAM!A good climax, plenty of opportunity to feel empathy/involvement.


Enjoyable late work by Morrell, who seemed to get sloppy and run out of ideas in his later work.


BURNT SIENNA by David Morrell is a well written, action packed, romantic thriller. I've read a review on here that compared this book to Twilight (which, this novel was published 5 years before that, if I'm correct) and I just don't agree, nor do I see the correlation between the two works. They are completely different in both tone and the quality of the writing (Morrell is better, of course). Getting back to the story at hand, Chase Malone is a former Marine helicopter pilot who turns to painting landscapes. Living in near seclusion in Mexico, he is approached by a wealthy tycoon's associate to do a painting of the tycoon's wife. Not only is the tycoon, the purely evil Bellasar, in reality a black market arms dealer, but he's also had numerous wives. It is revealed later on in the book that his wives all die of some tragic accident shortly after they are immortalized on canvas. After rejecting the offer, Chase is approached by Jeb, a man whom Chase saved in his military career. Jeb offers Chase the job of infiltrating Bellasar's fortress like home to save his wife, Sienna, and to also bring down Bellasar. What follows after that is pretty predictable. Chase obviously falls in love with Sienna and the job becomes less about doing the CIA a favor and more just saving the woman of his dreams. The book starts off pretty fast and then slows down during the middle. The middle sections, which are not action packed at all, are necessary to develop the relationship between Chase and Sienna. Once their mutual attraction is out in the open, Morrell throws every obstacle he can at them to prevent them from being together. To be honest, as I was reading, I started to get a little aggravated by this. It was just one thing after another, which was a good thing, because it forced me to keep reading. I mean to say that I was aggravated as a complement towards Morrell's writing rather than a slight. The final third of the book starts to get a little over the top, though, and there was one very, all too convenient scene which involves Chase, Jeb, and a storm on a beach. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get there. Also, Chase begins to channel his inner John McClane as he is battered and bloodied but will still stop at nothing as he takes on Bellasar's private army at the end. The final showdown with Bellasar was kind of underwhelming for me, as I was expecting more of a close quarters fight between the two. Overall, this book isn't perfect, but it is very entertaining and thrilling. I thought that the love story was very well done and, while the ending may have been a bit predictable, I still enjoyed it for being bitter sweet and not the cop out ending a lot of these types of stories have.

Barine Sambaris

The storyline wasn't what i'd expected to read when i opened this book, but am not disappointed either. This is a thriller with lots and lots of action and likable, accessable characters.

Jackie Simons

Read 5/00

Jim C

A book about an ex military man who is now an artist and is hired by an arms dealer to paint a portrait of his wife. This is a decent book. As in most of Morrell's books, there is plenty of action. The whole time I knew where the book was heading but did not mind. There was one revelation that I did not see coming that made sense and explained the whole concept of the book. Not his worst book but not his best. Worth a read.


This book started out with nice mystery and action and thus raised my hopes. But as the book progressed, I realized it was reminding me of some other book that I had read. When I racked my brains, I finally realized which book it most resembles and I was not happy. It was Twilight. The plot moved on from being a fast paced action novel to a cheesy romantic novel for middle aged women (no offense). The hero of the novel, Chase Malone, falls in love with the mafia head's wife and the novel spirals down hence forth. I finished the book just to stick to my principle of finishing a book/series if I have started it.

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