ISBN: 0415341213
ISBN 13: 9780415341219
By: Sam Wilkinson

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About this book

Sam Wilkinson provides an accessible introduction to the reign of Caligula, one of the most controversial of all the Roman Emperors. Caligula's policies have often been interpreted to be those of a depraved tyrant. This study provides a reassessment of this controversial reign by scrutinising the ancient literary sources that are so hostile to Caligula, and by examining the reasoning behind the policies he enforced. Key topics discussed include: * Caligula's early life and accession to power * Caligula's relationship with the Senate * how far Caligula's domestic and foreign policies can be judged to be a success * why Caligula was assassinated in AD 41, only four years after his accession to power. With a guide to primary and secondary sources, a chronology and a detailed glossary, Caligula is an invaluable study of the reign of this fascinating Emperor.

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Alaric Longward

Found this extremely useful for my own studies and book. Wish to thank you for it.

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