Catastrophe’s Spell (Dance of the Gods, #1)

ISBN: 0886773571
ISBN 13: 9780886773571
By: Mayer Alan Brenner

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About this book

Only Maximillian the Vaguely Disreputable could track down the being who has kidnapped the Great Karlini in a bespelled castle. Soon Max finds himself caught up in a war between Death Gods, necromancers, and a sorcerer/detective.

Reader's Thoughts


Where did this author come from? What a surprise. I loved the characters and how they inter-twined in this plot. Very entertaining, not dull at all. Reading the second book now.

Ann aka Iftcan

Ok, not exactly sure what to call this book. It has some dystopian features, some post-apcolyptic features, plus is definitely fantasy.First of all, I will admit, I picked it up after reading the blurb on the back and falling in love with the hero's name. Maximillian the Vaguely Disreputable. . . I mean, who wouldn't love a book with a hero with that name, right?Anyway, poor old Maximillian has his hands full, trying to save friends, allies and even an entire city. And what is he trying to save them all FROM? A god who seems to have gone a tiny bit insane.I loved the mythology that Brenner came up with for this series, and I especially loved the main characters, who all have definitely interesting names. Not perhaps, on a par with Maximillian's name, but still some very interesting names.


Four-book fantasy series with a few sci-fi touches. Comes across as being set in someone's RPG gameworld, but it's distinctive enough and it has some clever touches, though you'd have to read all four books to appreciate most of them. Slow starter. I believe Brenner has the full text of book 1 available free on his website.

Hugo Scaramuzza

Got this book for free online in pdf format, read most of it on my phone while on the train. Fun, light-hearted fantasy adventure. Got a little too verbose in his descriptions of magical effects, describing in minute detail all the colors and interactions of magical power flying around when spellcasters fight, but otherwise an enjoyable read. Story jumps back and forth between a handful of main characters, so it's a little hard to follow at first, but I liked it.


Fantasy; swashbuckling. The characters were detailed and engaging. The trick with the detective's viewpoint was very cute.

Michael Mcdougall

Solid, slightly tongue in cheek fantasy adventure.


I had a VERY hard time following which character was currently speaking ... lots of backing up and re-listening and still had a tough timeso, in essence, I got the Cliff Notes version of the book even tho I listened to the whole thing, unabridged.with that, I'm not sure I can really tell you what the story was about other than what is already available in the synopsis


A good read. A slow burner that took a long time to get going and seemed disjointed as a result. The finale was worth waiting for and, by means of a simple construct, I've been left looking forward to the next in series to see what happens to the characters. Good characterisation and good , complex magic that was described well through the dialogue. I hadn't come across this fictional approach to magic in a book before so it was interesting and seemed very believable. There is an interesting twist to what happened to the "Olde World" too.


a real interesting and unique read.

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