Champagne Girl

ISBN: 1551662922
ISBN 13: 9781551662923
By: Diana Palmer

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About this book

Catherine makes plans and Matt always bursts her bubbles. That's the way it has been ever since her father died and Matt inherited the family's sprawling Texas ranch. He controls her money and tries to control her life. But the time has come to make her break from the ranch and from Matt. The perfect job awaits Catherine in New York and she's going to take it.

Reader's Thoughts

Kalu Sakura

The roles were reversed, he so sweet she too obnoxious, but all too sweet!

Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter

This book follows the classic Diana Palmer formula: older man who loudly protests marriage, coming-of-age virgin he has known and desired for years, she distrusts his advances/seduction, neither will admit they love each other, he admits he loves her and she agrees to marry him.But as with every Palmer story, there are differences and nuances... In this story, he was guardian over her finances and her step-cousin. There was quite a rivalry going between the hero, Matt, and his younger brother, Hal. Hal interferes and almost submarines the new relationship between Matt and Catherine. Unlike many Palmer heroes, Matt is not verbally abusive toward Catherine.There is a fun moment at the end when Catherine finally meets the 'other woman' that Matt has been seeing. Very different from the cat fight I was expecting...All in all, a good afternoon's read and worthy of the reissue it was given 11 years after it was first published. The image above is from that reissue. The original is a lavender-bordered Silhouette Romance with a couple (what else?) on the cover.

Angelica Stevenson

In 2005-2007 I read so many of Diana Palmer's books. My ex's mom had a lot and that got me hooked. She is an excellent author and I just enjoyed them. Especially the rancher, texas, farmer themes plots and stuff.


Wow Matt is not a typical Diana Palmer hero. He is so sweet and loving and romantic and so obviously in love with Kit. Kit on the other hand is an idiot. She was funny but too over the top stupid.

Alexis-Morgan Roark

Give me a break! Seriously? I wanted to smack the LOT of them. How can this guy possibly be at the top of his game in the business world if his plans follow along these same lines?Blame it on the unrequited lust.

Amanda Sheila

Not exactly my favorite but I did enjoyed reading it. Very typical of Diana Palmer but if you're a fan of her since the beginning, you'll love it. Matt's a bit annoying but then again, he loves Catherine—or Kit secretly. Good one.


I like this book, Matt is really nice to her, most of the time. Which any Diana Palmer fan knows is not normal. I'm not sure is Kit is just really naïve, or just dumb. Matt is so obviously in love with her.


The pace is a little different from her previous books. Kit is the typical unawakened virgin but she wasn't as clueless. She also made use of her feminine wiles to turn the tables on him. Matt flexes his muscle a bit and turns the pressure on. The book is more of a light read Both characters equally had some sense of humor and wit. I enjoyed the scene in bed where they get caught, and again true to the whole tempo of the book it didn't really escalate to this epic drama.

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