Charles Willeford Omnibus: Pick Up/Burnt Orange Heresy/Cockfighter

ISBN: 1874061394
ISBN 13: 9781874061397
By: Charles Willeford

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About this book

In one edition, three cult classics from Charles Willeford:Pick-Up - Prowling the grimy streets of San Francisco low-life, Helen is a beautiful, sensuous drunk - and a pathetically easy pick-up. That is, until she meets Harry, who buys her a coffee and takes her home with him. Harry just wants to help, but before long he and Helen are both adrift in a sea of alcohol - until Harry conceives the ultimate crime...The Burnt Orange Heresy - Art critic James Figureas is a psychotic, an amoral unrepentant killer. Out to make a lasting name for himself, he seeks out the greatest painter in the world, now a hermit in the Florida swamplands. Figureas is after more than the man, however - he wants the work, and something more...something more horrible than can be imagined.Cockfighter - Frank Mansfield is the cockfighter, a man obsessed with an illegal sport which is unspeakably cruel, unthinkably bloody - and incredibly exciting . His pursuit of the champion's medal takes him into the seamy underbelly of rural Southern life...into the hot, dusty small-town circuits, where greed and corruption vie only with lust and violence.

Reader's Thoughts

Alfredo De villa

What a discovery! the three novels are so well-worth your time. I particularly love Cockfighter and found it an insider's view to a by-gone world. The Burnt Orange Heresy is one of my favorite suspense novels...

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