Chasing Away the Devil (Sheriff Milt Kovak, #4)

ISBN: 0312063164
ISBN 13: 9780312063160
By: Susan Rogers Cooper

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Cooper Susan Rogers Cozy Fiction Mystery Mystery Series Oklahoma Series Southern Fiction To Read Westerns And The West

Reader's Thoughts


Originally read this several years ago. Got hooked again on the Milt Kovak series because Susan was attending our reader's group. This is the 4th of the series. Falling in love with Milt all over again.


[From Fiction DB:] On Friday night, Sheriff Milt Kovak of Prophesy County, Olkahoma, proposed to his longtime lady love, Glenda Sue. She turned him down. On Saturday morning, Glenda Sue is found brutally murdered.Kovak begins a desperate search to find the killer, well aware he's a suspect himself. When he discovers a first-class, one-way ticket to Paris in Glenda Sue's belongings, it's pretty clear she had been keeping secrets - deadly secrets. The arrival of Glenda Sue's daughter and granddaughter brings some light into Milt's life - and the case. The little girl becomes the target of vicious hate mongers, and puts Milt on the trail of killers whose attack becomes very personal indeed.Much better than I expected.


Part of the sherif Milt Kovak mystery series set in rural Oklahoma. Milt is involved in investigating the murder of his girlfriend and the kidnapping of her grand daughter which are connected to something the girlfriend was suspected of taking from an Ayran group. It was an interesting read.

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