Chasing Jordan

ISBN: 1852428937
ISBN 13: 9781852428938
By: Heidi W. Boehringer

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About this book

“A story of love and loss, Chasing Jordan is a quiet novel with a thunderclap at its heart. With this first novel, Ms. Boehringer gives notice that she is a writer to watch. This is my kind of novel. Whatever Heidi Boehringer writes next, I will read.”—Harry CrewsWhen Meg approaches home with her daughter in the back seat, she sees her husband spying on the neighbor, who is gardening in very short shorts. In this moment of distraction, she hits and kills her two-year-old son, Jordan.With humor that is both provocative and totally unpredictable, Chasing Jordan shows how the road to forgiveness is both twisted and dangerous.Heidi W. Boehringer studied creative writing at the University of Florida. Her most recent jobs were bartender, loan processor and project manager. She lives in southern Florida. Chasing Jordan is her first novel.

Reader's Thoughts


A dark look at a life unraveling after a horrible accident.

Deblenares Lenares

Wow. I really liked this book. Very dark, but it felt very "true" to me. I believed the characters and their spiral. I sped through it in three days but it did not feel like candy.


A very good book- I had it read by the next morning.


11/21 purchased at MOTB -- upcoming author signing.

Victoria Allman

After the first two pages there is no way you can do anything but sit up straight and read this book. It is a gripping tale of tragedy and recovery that has you turning page after page. It is in your face writing that I could not put down. I rushed out to read the follow-up Crossing the Dark and will line up for any future titles.


Very explicit views from a mother who accidentally kills her son by hitting him while pulling into the driveway. Her past life comes to play through dealing with her griedf, marriage, and mothering.

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