Children of Albion Rovers: An Anthology of New Scottish Writing

ISBN: 0879518650
ISBN 13: 9780879518653
By: Kevin Williamson

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About this book

Hard-edged and iconoclastic, the new wave of Scottish writers and their godfather, Irvine Welsh, write a darkly funny brand of fiction about people on the fringes--junkies, soccer hooligans, ravers, working-class youth. This anthology of six full-length novellas features raw and exciting works by Welsh and such up-and-coming authors as Alan Warner, James Meek, Gordon Legge, and Laura J. Hird.

Reader's Thoughts

Matthew Jaha

I had a great time reading this book on the bus on my way to work over the course of a week. My favorite short was Laura Hird's, and I thought Irvine Welsh's contribution the least attractive and ended up skimming through it.


A rough and at times difficult collection. I didn't finish the story by Irvine Welsh; I just couldn't get into it. The other stories are interesting and well written. I liked "The Dilating Pupil" best. I find Scottish writers difficult to read, as I don't understand a lot of the slang, but I still slogged through it and enjoyed some of it. I've read other Irvine Welsh books that I've enjoyed more, like, "Ecstasy." This book is a good overview of region specific writing.


Gift from Minseo from Scotland. Some great short stories, though the Irvine Welsh one is a ripe turd.


This was not much fun. I guess that I was more interested in this kind of stuff when I actually bought this book forever ago, and I should have probably just read it then. Someone vomits in almost every story.


want to read

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