Children of Albion Rovers


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About this book

The critically acclaimed collection of novellas featuring six of the most exciting young writers to emerge from Scotland in the 1990s, including Irvine Welsh Children of Albion Rovers is a world of tripped-out crematorium attendants (Alan Warner), vengeful traffic-wardens (James Meek), born-again vinyl junkies (Gordon Legge), and teenage girls who sexually humiliate their teachers (Laura Hird). Also included are Paul Reekie's fictional account of ideals betrayed, and Irvine Welsh's first ever sci-fi story, featuring alien space casuals wreaking havoc through the known universe. The resulting mix is intoxicating to say the least.

Reader's Thoughts

Matthew Jaha

I had a great time reading this book on the bus on my way to work over the course of a week. My favorite short was Laura Hird's, and I thought Irvine Welsh's contribution the least attractive and ended up skimming through it.


want to read


A rough and at times difficult collection. I didn't finish the story by Irvine Welsh; I just couldn't get into it. The other stories are interesting and well written. I liked "The Dilating Pupil" best. I find Scottish writers difficult to read, as I don't understand a lot of the slang, but I still slogged through it and enjoyed some of it. I've read other Irvine Welsh books that I've enjoyed more, like, "Ecstasy." This book is a good overview of region specific writing.


Gift from Minseo from Scotland. Some great short stories, though the Irvine Welsh one is a ripe turd.


This was not much fun. I guess that I was more interested in this kind of stuff when I actually bought this book forever ago, and I should have probably just read it then. Someone vomits in almost every story.

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