ISBN: 0553255398
ISBN 13: 9780553255393
By: Peggy Anderson

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1985 2000 Fiction Have Medical Illness Non Fiction Painful To Read What Medical What Nonfiction

Reader's Thoughts

Colleen Rue

My home away from home for the first 9 months of my life.I liked this book.But some parts made me cry.There's a young teen boy with cf in the book and a little baby boy who was a preemie.I'd highly recommend this beautiful book.


I first read this as a senior in high school, on a band trip. The children's stories caught my attention, and as I read, I felt like I was right there in the hospital with them. I was happy when the kids got well and went home, and I cried when they didn't. Bravo!

Virginia Markhart

Heavy reading material. The book follows the illness of six different children and their hospital stays. Lots of background information about their illnesses and families, doctors and nurses. It was hard to read, not because it was sad or depressing, but just so heavy.

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