Children’s Illustrated Bible (Childrens Bible)

ISBN: 1405308281
ISBN 13: 9781405308281
By: Selina Hastings

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About this book

A beautifully illustrated edition of the Bible, created especially for children. From the peak of Mount Sinai to the shores of the Sea of Galilee - Old and New Testament stories are brought to life with photographs and maps to put the stories in context. Perfect for sharing with your child or grandchild or for them to read and discover the Bible on their own.

Reader's Thoughts


This book helps explain all the aspects of life through religion.

Varghese Jose

The kids like it as it is easier to relate to this version. The pictures are simple and illustrative. A good buy even though it doesn't adhere to a specific bible version it definitely is the better version to get the kids interested in learning the Bible.


Wonderful illustrations. A few minor liberties taken with the stories, and some background info to the sides of the stories that I could do without. So, illustrations 4.5 stars and text 3.5.


Best read, reread, reread with my daughter

Vanessa Lee

This is my favorite children's Bible

Brian Chan

** spoiler alert ** A very well detailed book about the history in Christianity. Detailed over important parts such the crucification , Moses, Jericho and other parts. Highly recommended for people who want to learn about the history of how our lord almighty started the world.


As bibles go, I think I liked this one best. The only part that's at all interesting about the bible are the stories, and this DK book really makes them appear for what they are: exaggerated myths for children to behave so that the boogey-man doesn't get them. I read it a few times as a child, and I have a better background and understanding of the bible (and due to that, the crazy thing that is religion) thanks to this illustrated bible.


I was trying to incorporate the bible in our history lessons, and was excited when I came across this book. I love how this book makes the bible accessible to children without adding made-up details, and covers more than the usual stories.


Loved this children's version of the Bible. My husband and I wanted something that would be easy to understand for our children and would not leave out stories for illustration sake. Too many Bible we came across left our so many stories (went from Jonah to the birth of Christ) or left out everything after the resurrection. We wanted the WHOLE Bible in children's language. This Bible has been exactly what we were looking for and we have been so happy with it. We read it every night during our family worship time. Definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for an appropriate Bible for young children.


I like it for not cleaning up the messy parts and good pictures. The last two stars I withheld because they left out too many of the best stories - especially in Judges - and because their storytelling needs work.

Emre Senoglu

sweet baby jesus.

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