Chinese Boxing: Masters and Methods

ISBN: 155643085X
ISBN 13: 9781556430855
By: Robert W. Smith

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About this book

Distilling the martial art known in the West as kung fu, Robert Smith presents Chinese boxing (ch’uan shu) as an art “that combines the hardness of a wall and the softness of a butterfly’s wings.” His lively, pragmatic account conveys the discipline and insights acquired in ten years of study and travel in Asia. Smith describes his work with t’ai chi master Cheng Man-ch’ing, and connects ch’uan shu with the softer aspects and inner power of that popular practice. Fifty black and white photos illustrate this informative and personal account of the Chinese boxing tradition.

Reader's Thoughts


A fascinating account of Robert Smith's travels around Taiwan studying with some amazing old-school martial artists.


Describes real-life encounters with a variety of Chinese martial arts masters.

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