Chinese History: A Manual, Revised and Enlarged Edition

ISBN: 0674002490
ISBN 13: 9780674002494
By: Endymion Porter Wilkinson

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About this book

Since publication of the first edition in 1998, "Chinese History: A Manual" has become an indispensable guide to researching the civilization and history of China. Updated through January 2000, the second edition discusses some 4,300 primary, secondary, and reference works, an increase of 1,500 titles over the first edition. The temporal coverage has been expanded to include the Republican period; sections on nonverbal salutations, weights and measures, money, and furniture have been added; the chapters on language, etymology, people, geography, chronology, warfare, "leishu," food, and the Chinese world order have been thoroughly revised; and the subject index has been enlarged to include 2,500 technical terms.

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