Chris Rock

ISBN: 0791052788
ISBN 13: 9780791052785
By: Rose Blue Corinne J. Naden

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8th Grade Ir Bio To Read

About this book

A biography of the popular comedian, known for his stand-up routines and for his role on the late-night television program, Saturday Night Live.

Reader's Thoughts

Jin Yu

i actually found this book during math class in Ms.jaffe's room. This book let me to know a lot more about one of my favorite comedian and his hardships that he gone though to become who he is now. There are a lot of people who dislike Chris Rock because of his use of lanauage but people just don't understand that his use of lanauage is what make him who he is. This book taught me something about identity and even in biographies, we can look for liteary elements.

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