Cinnamon and Roses (Rose Trilogy, #1)

ISBN: 0843946687
ISBN 13: 9780843946680
By: Heidi Betts

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Fiction General Heidi Betts Historical Historical Romance New York Romance Seamstress Sewing Fabric Talent To Read

About this book

Caleb Adams is out of Rebecca's league. She's a fatherless seamstress with no business in the wealthy, extravagant city life of Caleb. Yet, the more he scandalizes her small Kansas cowtown, the more she pines for his raw male allure. Now Caleb finds himself less interested in the beautiful rich women of his past and more obsessed with Rebecca's innocent scent of cinnamon and roses. Will her fear of mothering a baby doomed to a fatherless upbringing and his fear of entrusting his heart to women be erased when their mutual desire is fulfilled?

Reader's Thoughts

Justin Allen

As a man, I typically do not read these type of books, however, this book is fantastic! It is a great start for Heidi Betts' career!

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