Clash of the Sky Galleons (Edge Chronicles)

ISBN: 0385607210
ISBN 13: 9780385607216
By: Paul Stewart Chris Riddell

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About this book

In the penultimate book in the Edge Chronicles series, Quint is travelling with his father, Wind Jackal, on a mission to track down and bring to justice Turbot Smeal, the man who started the fire that killed their family. Having left behind his studies at the Knights Academy, Quint is now eager to learn from his father what it really means to be a sky pirate. But, consumed by his desire to capture Smeal, Wind Jackal’ s judgment is flawed, and his actions endanger the lives of his crew — and his son. As they travel from the taverns and backstreets of Undertown and the wonders of the shipbuilders’ yards, to the dark dangers of the Deepwoods, Quint and Maris become separated from the rest of the crew. Finally, at the mysterious, ghostly sky-wreck in Open Sky, they discover the truth about Smeal.

Reader's Thoughts


Paul Stewart can't seem to write a bad story. I love all of his books in the Edge Chronicles series.


Slow start, but once the action picked up I couldn't put it down.


This is a great series for anyone who enjoys the LoTR or Lemony Snickett type books. In this book, you find out the story of how Quint came into becoming a Sky Pirate. It involves the Deepwoods again which is always my favorite local in this series. A big Sky ship battle climaxes the book with a nice clean ending. Not my favorite in the series but still a good read. I love the illustrations in this series.



Emma Elizabeth


Syrah Syara

I thought it was great, like all the other edge chronicle books. This is the last in the series of the Quint trilogy. Quint finds himself caught up in his father's dangerous quest for revenge against Turbot Smeal, who started a fire that murdered his wife and sons leaving Quint the only surviving member of his family.I love everything about The Edge Chronicles - the world is so imaginative and rich and I love the way everything from the differnt books fit together like a jigsaw. The only thing I didn't like was the change in character in Quint. The Sky pirate captain we meet in the twig trilogy is entirley differnt the character we get to know in the quint trilogy. For instance, telling maris to choose between him and the baby occurs to me as something he would never have done - he could have been a sky pirate and a father, just like his father was to him.


I love love LOVE this series!!

David Schwan

This is the least well developed plot line in the series. The plot is confusing, and only comes together in the final pages of the book. It seems like the original book was much longer, and did not survive the editors touch. This book is good for the descriptions of the flora and fauna of Edgeworld.

Matthew Young

this is great turmol smeat is back the man that murderoud quints mother and brothers.wind jackel and quint set out a quest for revenge against the sick quartermaster


This was the best in the series not including the Twig trilogy it is a continuation of Quint and Maris so if you liked those you better read this.Quint was took by his dad onto the skypirate ship to find that the person who killed his family is still alive theyre are Exiting plot twist.


Clash of the Sky Galleons by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell is another great book in the Edge Chronicles series. Incredibly imaginative and fun, you are drawn back into this strange world on the Edge. We follow Sky Pirate Captain Wind Jackal, his son Quint, Maris and the rest of the crew of the Galerider as they search for the evil former crew member who killed Wind Jackal's wife and kids, leaving only Quint. We are taken to the Great Shryke Slave Market, a woodtroll village in the heart of the Deepwoods, out beyond the Edge, and meet all of their strange inhabitants.The Galerider and her crew meet with misfortune along the course of her travels and meet their biggest threat ever at the end. Do they prevail? You'll have to read it to find out!The only thing I dislike about these books is that they are not released in a chronological order so I sometimes have a hard time remembering who is who. Everything else about these books is wonderful.

Michael Mcdaid

I liked this book as it develops the relationship Quint aka Cloud Wolf has with his father Wind Jackal. Wind Jackal is obsessed with finding a quartermaster named Turbot Smeal who betrayed Wind Jackal and killed his whole family except for Quint. The story was a little slow in parts and could have used some editing or rearranging. The ending was really good and helped explain how Quint became the sky pirate we know in the Twig trilogy. This is my favorite of the Quint series. And a good book to read. I like the illustrations how the fit the style of the book. And Paul Stewart's writing is good but some editing was needed in this book to keep the story flowing better.


this book was a little more scattered than the other- but that did not take away from its greatness. especially the ending with quint and maris ;D

Justyn Rampa

The only other book I gave four stars to in The Edge Chronicles was the first book, Beyond the Deepwoods. The reasons for each rating differ slightly. For the first book, I thought this was the start of something great but hoped that the second book would take the series to another level...and it did...for seven more books.This book, the ninth in the series and the last of the Quint trilogy, was very singular in its focus. Every other book in the Edge Chronicles tends to focus on a lot of different threads that take place in different parts of the world as they slowly start to come together leading to an awesomely creative conclusion. This book tends to focus on one plot, revenge, and stays largely in the same confined space for most of the book. A few threads are established and start to come together around page 300, but for the most part this book lacked the scope of the previous seven and so my love for the book went down a star:-(That may have also had to do with the fact that I don't really care for detailed descriptions of ships and the way they work and all the different parts, etc. and this book was chock full of it. So that was a bit boring for me.What I am surprised about is that this book does not directly set up for the final book in the Edge Chronicles, The Immortals. I'm of course very interested in seeing what they have cooked up for the final book because part of me wonders if this book was not quite so sprawling an epic yarn due to the fact that they were pouring most of their creativity into the final book. A book which somehow manages to be a proper conclusion to all three trilogies in the series.

An Odd1 hero is newest Galerider crew member: young Quint Verginix, son of sky pirate Wind Jackal, sweet on pretty high-born Maris with dark braids and expertise in healing salves and bandages, but villain and massacres overpower; He luckily heard and remembers Deepwoods survival skills: eat only pine nuts, drink only mushroom nectar, light a pine pitch smoke signal; she ignores and nearly dies. The only humor not inherent in this odd Edge universe (poisonous halitoad breath), is when she does obey warning, hesitates to eat safe morsel "Like" applies to imaginative setting drawn details, not horror, death, destruction. Disaster memorable(view spoiler)[ over final "happy" couple pairing (hide spoiler)]. Prefacing portraits are preferable, like Hugo Pepper and Lake of Skulls - large cast confuses - Spillins, Ratbit, Steg, Tem, Queep p102-5. (view spoiler)[ All die anyway. (hide spoiler)] But cover picture is hollow-eyed fanged mask on Turbot Smeal, former quartermaster who burned down their house and rest of their family a dozen years before in revenge for slave deal gone awry. Now, messages in his name lure the two survivors into traps. Edge wraiths ambush them: swivelling "massive watery eyes too big for shrunken skull-like head, long spidery legs glinting with long needle-like talons, thin spittle-like drool dripping from jaws that dislocate to a gaping maw .. wide enough to swallow a full-grown hammelhorn whole" p35. Everything is exaggerated to excess in this world: plump is elephantine obese, thin is gaunt flat, wrinkled is continuous deep folds, small miniscule, big ginormous. In the Deepwoods, human Maris figure is infinitesimal speck below tall column of beautiful dangers "sleek silvery bark, velvety golden bark, banks of moonbells and dewdorps, tumbledown-furze and com-bushes chirus delicate chimes and plangent humming " p219 (loud, reverberating, often melancholy). Creatures "small translucent cray-spinners with diaphanous wings ..armor-plated hoglets, sharp-tusked and quick .. whooping silver-backed quarms" p223-5. Galerider finds bloodoak to ship, at terrible cost.Enemies come from single and crowd. Handsome blond Thaw Daggerslaw has a "kind noble face" p43, public air of friendly bonhomie to all, privately sells and beats his scrawny young albino banderbear Humble, and aura of deceptive purple heats to angry boiling red. (view spoiler)[From first sight, he wanted Galerider ship, and posed as Smeal to end Verginix line. (hide spoiler)] Multi-pointed two-stride high hatted, Ruptus Pentephraxis large strong High Leaguesmaster of Undertown, seconded by puny Imbix Hoth High Master of the entire Leagues of Flight, noted for his finger spikes p92 unite Undertown Leagues against the sky pirates, and burn out the taverns they favor. Armada of 120 sky pirates vanquished by gargantuan League Bringer of Doom (view spoiler)[ exploded by stormphrax fragment left in place after weighted down over-sized flight rock (hide spoiler)]. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

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