Class Trip To The Haunted House (Ghostville Elementary #10)

ISBN: 0439678099
ISBN 13: 9780439678094
By: Marcia Thornton Jones Debbie Dadey

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About this book

Get ready for more spooky fun from the best-selling authors of THE BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS. And you thought YOUR school was scary? These third-graders are haunted by a classroom full of GHOSTS!There's no place like home! And Calliope the ghost misses her old mansion. When Andrew-the class bully- announces his family is going to tear it down, Calliope is so upset she can't even speak. Is she hiding something back home? Does she have a secret she can't tell? The kids of Ghostville Elementary are going to have to take a little field trip to the haunted mansion to solve this mystery. But the only way in is with that big bully Andrew. And the only way out could be ghastly!

Reader's Thoughts

Jj Le

So I didn't even finish this book. But it sucked. So no I'm leaving this series alone.


Written by Marcia Thornton Jones and Debbie Dadey, illustrated by Guy Francis. Published by Scholastic Inc., copyright 2005.Grade level: 1st or 2ndA fun addition to the Ghostville Elementary series. During a normal schoolday, the ghost Calliope looses her voice when Andrew (a student at the school) is bragging about his family buying the Blackburn Estate. The gang then has to head on a field trip with the ghosts to the old mansion to discover the secrets of the house and its connection with Calliope losing her voice. I liked this story, and it is a great easy read for young children. Has suspense and some investigation that kids will really enjoy.Possible themes or units: The treasure of friendship, investigation, and tollerance.

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