Class Warfare: The Alternative Radio Interviews, Volume 2

ISBN: 1554200040
ISBN 13: 9781554200047
By: Noam Chomsky

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About this book

Some of the questions that Chomsky answers in this second volume of interviews with David Barsamian include: why do nightly newscasts increasingly feature violent crimes?; how does the American political economy supercede gender and race?; when do "family values" equal increasing numbers of children in poverty?Chomsky tackles the shibboleths of our age with characteristic insight, providing an indispensable introduction to his political ideas.

Reader's Thoughts

Vikas Lather

I learn one thing from this book; reading, listening and watching Chomsky cannot be boring

Ryan Mishap

Dated, but may still offer some good stuff given the subject matter. The rich are winning and their efforts and tactic never stop or change much.

Chris Lutz

Noam Chomsky has a way of speaking about politics that's very plain and clear and direct which stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of political wordsmiths and which does him a great amount of good here, while occasionally leaving a few things to be desired.

Eric Gulliver

This is a quick read with a surprising amount of personal information about Chomsky if that interests you.Class Warfare, like most other volumes that contains interview material between Chomsky and Barsamian is void of clarifying examples, given context information, or historical accounts. It would not be recommended for the reader just discovering Chomsky. It would be more toward the reader already familiar with Chomsky's philosophy (if one can call it that). Other than this, these interviews concentrate heavily the rapidly expanding class war that is being escalated. The toxic topic of statist and protectionist economic measures geared to sending profit towards the private/corporate institutions while socializing the costs is thoroughly fleshed out. This is helpful, as it is usually a topic alluded to in most of his work but rarely elucidated.


Per usual, Chomsky's insights are very much worth reading, while Barsamian largely falls flat as an interviewer - mostly failing to ask good questions, or follow-up where appropriate.

Leo Walsh

As always, Noam Chomsky looks at things using a truly scientific eye. I love the way that he reveals our history in a way that still, twenty five years after my initial exposure to it, seems entirely fresh and new. In Class Warfare , Chomsky focuses on how the Right, generally beginning with Reagan, has used propaganda to make insensitivity towards the poor seem acceptable. And a really in-depth look at how we really have instituted a "Nanny-State" for the super-wealthy. And how the government's propaganda machine has not only disassembled our safety net, but demonized unions, which tend to be the best bet against abuse by the ownership class. Impeccably documented. Compelling in his argument. And measured. So, instead of playing like a conspiracy theory, Chomsky's thesis seems pretty much unassailable. Recommended to anyone who is interested in reading the thoughts of a true intellectual. Because Chomsky will annoy both Democrats and Republicans. Because he sees things in a way that at first seems skewed. But when you begin paying attention, you realize that he is, in essence, spot-on.


great book, interviews Noam Chomsky on the rich and the poor.


"Everybody reads the first paragraph of The Wealth of Nations where he talks about how wonderful the division of labor is. But not many people get to the point hundred of pages later, where he says that division of labor will destroy human beings and turn them into creatures as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human being to be."


Interviews here were conducted in 1996 and the book was published in 1997. NC perceptively details the post-9/11 corporate takeover of US government and the dismantling of democracy in America. This almost reads like science fiction. Must read.

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