Clive Barker’s A – Z of Horror

ISBN: 0061053678
ISBN 13: 9780061053672
By: Stephen Jones Clive Barker

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About this book

In this richly illustrated volume--masterfully complied from the BBC television miniseries by Stephen Jones--Clive Barker, the modern master of horror, takes you on a terrifyingly intimate tour of his personal sources and secrets. Here is the unspeakable stuff of which Barker's vision was formed: a wonderfully eclectic and wide-ranging collection of nightmares from the literature and film. Meet serial killers and serious authors, outlaw directors and rebel artists, legendary monsters and movie stars from Psycho to Silence of the Lambs. From exorcisms to zombie dances, chaos to cannibalism, Lovecraft to Elm Street, Dracula to Deuteronomy, discover the dark and grisly world of Clive Barker.

Reader's Thoughts


This book is fun, but in no way exhaustive...nor does it presume to be. It's meant to be a review of horror by Barker, so it's weighted to his own tastes. The chapters are themed to each letter, and cover a broad range within the subject.The authourship is questionable: the book itself says 'compiled by' Stephen Jones, but the essays appear to be suggesting themselves as by Barker himself. Quotes from him are additionally tagged marginally, but then the synopses by Jones are also individually notated, so who wrote the bulk of the text is anyone's guess. It does not, to me, seem like Barker's writing, but who cares? It's an entertaining book with lots of cool images, and clearly adds more info (like filmographies, bibliographies and further reading) to what must be in the show.More than anything, the book makes me want to see the series it's supposed to be a companion to!


The British wackjob gives an alphabetical list of some of his favorite scary movies, books, and random evil stuff he finds inspiring.

Anna Haugerud

Was about the history of horror, mostly old movie crap, no Clive at all, just him writing it.

Roxton Malone

Delves into film, literature, history, even fine arts. Surely one of the best collections of insights into horror throughout the ages ever published.


Great horror compendium. Lots of fun to be found here.


One of the books that sparked my interest in horror.

Mark Gamer

worth reading for any horror


A sprawling compilation of the history genre, from two of its more knowledgeable practitioners - messrs Barker (who 'presents') and Jones. Worth a read for anyone with the slightest interest in horror.


Great informative book with lists of movies in their own genres. Artwork from CB and great publicity shots/covers.


Interesting highlights of horror, both real life and fictional. I think this would have been more interesting seeing the TV show it accompanied, seeing Barker talk about what these bits of horror mean to him.

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