Coffeetime Indulgences: 68 Irresistible Recipes to Serve with Coffee-Morning, Noon, or Night

ISBN: 031213617X
ISBN 13: 9780312136178
By: Linda Hegeman Barbara Hayford

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Whether you take your coffee black, white, or regular (cream and sugar); whether you drink it from a mug with friends in the kitchen, from fine china at a power lunch, or from a paper cup in the office, there's always a perfect food to maximize that caffeine moment. Coffeetime Indulgences provide sixty-eight recipes for delicious foods that pair perfectly with coffee.Recipes include:Cinnamon Strusel, Coffee Cake, Rosemary Muffins, Episcopalian Soda Bread, Orange Black Petter Bread, Persimmon Bread, Great-Granny's Vanilla Crisps, Chocolate Chip Spice Crocodiles, Hazelnut Biscotti, Joe's Chocolate Toffee Scrunch Cookies, Nutmeg Rub Cake, Triple Almond Chinese CookiesNo matter what the occasion, these delicious and creative recipes ensure that every coffee moment find its perfect match. In addition to the authors' own recipes, dozens of celebrity chefs, cookbook authors, and coffeehouse impresarious have contributed their favorite recipes, along with quotes on what coffee means to them, and a foreward by a the executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America explains how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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