Cold Blood

ISBN: 0515138630
ISBN 13: 9780515138634
By: Theresa Monsour

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2006 Crime Did Not Read Got Rid Of Dislike M Authors Mystery Mystery Thriller Paris Murphy Series Sold To Hpb To Read

About this book

After finding the finger of a missing bridesmaid, Justice Trip is enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. Homicide detective Paris Murphy is finding Trip's heroics a little hard to take. And when she realizes that she knew Trip in high school, the danger becomes all too clear.

Reader's Thoughts


Story line was simple but effective. I felt drawn into the story and although the ending could have been a bit more punchy it was enjoyable.


Very fast-moving book. Fascinating story and characters. All very well developed. Certainly kept my attention on the 14-hour drive to Jacksonville. Great first sentence. "If she hadn't been wearing a peach bridesmaid dress, she'd be alive..."


This is a perfect book if you enjoy knowing the answer and seeing how the characters make it to the end!

Gale Bailey

Not bad, but it could have been better. Justice Trip struck me as a careless killer, and in real life he probably would have been captured sooner than he was. No one suspected Justice was up to something when Keri disappeared after visiting the Trip's home, at least at first? C'mon!!!!

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