Coll and His White Pig

ISBN: 0030801222
ISBN 13:
By: Lloyd Alexander

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Reader's Thoughts

Bill Tillman

A prophet pig, and a boy about to grow into a ledgend.


this is a picture book that tells a short story of hen wen and coal. I liked it.

Shawn Thrasher

None of the magic of The Black Cauldron or The Castle of Llyr; Coll and Hen-Wen are quite flat, and the story is sappy rather than exciting and dramatic. I usually like the illustration of Evaline Ness too (although they are very old fashioned) but in this case they were equally uninteresting. Coll is based on a character from Welsh folklore who was known as one of the three powerful swineherds of the island of Britain; that fact is as interesting as the whole book. Very disappointing.

Elizabeth Smitheram

The words were difficult to get through and I'm not sure that most children would find this book appealing due to the wordage. However, the storyline is actually interesting. The story is about a man who settles down and has a magical pig. But, one day the pig gets stolen by "the Lord of the Land and of the Death" so he must go save his pig before it is hurt. This book has good morales, but is a difficult read for children.

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