Come Morning

ISBN: 1575052288
ISBN 13: 9781575052281
By: Leslie Davis Guccione

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311 Book Stack 2 Underground Railroad Contains Social Studies Content Edci 311 Format Chapter Book Genre Historical Fiction Historical Children Historical Fiction Historical Fiction Over 100 Pgs Ss Bookstack Ugr

About this book

Twelve-year-old Freedom, the son of a freed slave living in Delaware in the early 1850s, takes over his father's work in the Underground Railroad when his father disappears.

Reader's Thoughts

Miss Amanda

gr 4-7 120pgs1850s Delaware. 13 year old Freedom knows that his father is involved in the Underground Railroad, Whenever Freedom asks him, his father insists that the less he knows the better. Freedom wants his father to treat him like a man now that he's thirteen and let him help. when patrollers arrest his father and his neighbor Liza's father (who's also involved in the Underground Railroad), it is up to Liza and Freedom to figure out how to find the "cargo" and get them to safety.Interesting story about the Underground railroad. I recommend it to readers who like a good adventure story.

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