Commentaries on the Dhammapada, Us Edition

ISBN: 094098525X
ISBN 13: 9780940985254
By: The Mother

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About this book

One of the ancient texts of the Pali Canon of Buddhism, the Dhammapada has a revered place among the noted scriptures of the world. It is quite special in its focus on the practical implementation of the Buddha's teachings in daily life, through the examination and self-control of one's thoughts, words and deeds. "Dhamma" is sometimes translated as "virtue," but in its deeper sense it is the innate law of life. "Pada" means "footstep" or "path." The Dhammapada is not so much a religious text as a text of practical psychology for those wishing to undertake an inner, spiritual discipline to change their lives. Includes translation of the Dhammapada with commentaries by The Mother.

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