Conflicts of Interest

ISBN: 0451410408
ISBN 13: 9780451410405
By: John Martel

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About this book

Seth Cameron thinks he's made it when he lands a job at a prestigious San Francisco law firm. But when a corrupt senior partner throws him a hopeless case against a military contractor, Seth realizes too late he's been set up. With his career dead, Seth takes on his old firm and uncovers a conspiracy--and an explosive secret that may not only end his career but his life. (May)

Reader's Thoughts


CONFLICTS OF INTEREST-NRMartel, JohnSmall-town lawyer Seth "Cowboy" Cameron dreams of a career in one of San Francisco's upper-class law firms. When he bluffs his way to a high-profile courtroom victory, he lands a job at prestigious Miller & McGrath. He also lands in the middle of a tug-of-war between M&M's young turks and firm dictator Anthony Treadwell, who uses the politically sensitive liability lawsuit of beautiful Elena Barton as an excuse to get Cameron fired. The same lawsuit proves Cameron's ticket to redemption, however, when Elena sues M&M for malpractice and gets Cameron to take the case.Way tooooo slow; flat characters.


A predictable plot, but I enjoyed reading it.

Martin Gafner

(Anfang langweilig, dann spannender)

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