Cool Stuff and How It Works


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Reader's Thoughts

Michael 11-12

3 reasons why I liked it:1.It had a lot of stuff we use every day and how it works.2.It was fascinating how stuff works.3.It was very informational about things and thats what kind of book I like.


This is a fairly interesting book, and easy read that you might keep in the bathroom for short look-ats. It gives you an explanation of the technology behind your favorite toys, like iPods and scanners, in layman's terms.

Ashlee Phillips

Wow I've never read such an informative book. A book like this can really catch young eyes. It shows you a lot of things. Some things you didn't even knew existed. Its really fun to learn about science. Some of things in the book we use in our everyday life. its fun to see how many ways we can use everyday things in so many different ways. Also to learn whats on the inside of a phone. Science can inform but can be fun while informing. i just hope everyone would love this book the same way as i do. Another good thing about it is that you don't have to read it in order.

Kevin Lee

This book had a lot of categories of how things work, so you can't be like, "There's nothing that I actually want to know about." They were all fascinating to read and had cool pictures and backgrounds of each objects. Of course, what really matters is the actual learning. There were diagrams and understandable, but complex explanation of how things work. It makes your brain think about it and learn so many things in just two pages. With all the great art in the book and cool facts, this book will not dissapoint if you are interested in this genre of books.


I learned.. How cool stuff work! :)


I bet this would be really great if I were 14.

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