Cool Yoga Tricks

ISBN: 0345465415
ISBN 13: 9780345465412
By: Miriam Austin

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About this book

From the author of "Yoga for Wimps" comes this accessible guide to yoga that makes even the most intimidating posture easy to master. Photos.

Reader's Thoughts


There were some good tricks in here to help get more flexible. The format is easy to follow.

Hannah O'Reilly

This book is kind of the opposite of what it sounds - it is actually a great description of modifications for poses to make them more accessible and easier to take in stages. Although it seems inappropriately named this is a great resource for the injury impaired and those just starting out in yoga.


I used some of the techniques in a Partner Yoga class and plan to use others in a Yoga with props class too. Very clear instructions, very down to earth for us who enjoy yoga and find it sometimes a bit challenging to put our foot on our head - now we can with a wall!


Very useful book for people with inflexibility, injuries, immobility issues, etc. A tool that every teacher and practitioner should be aware of.

Sarah T Hoops

This book has great descriptions of some of the most basic ideas of yoga. The first chapter describes the four corners of the feet and turning in or out of the thighs in a very readable voice and with illuminating precision. I didn't love the amount of props required for a lot of the poses later in the book. But I could manage to flip around those to find some great tips both to remember in my daily practice, as well as clarity of voice that help me think about how to communicate ideas while teaching.

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