Country Living Stylish Storage: Simple Ways to Contain Your Clutter

ISBN: 1588162257
ISBN 13: 9781588162250
By: Paige Gilchrist

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About this book

Efficient storage is more than stuffing things hastily in boxes and tucking them away in closets; it means finding a functional and tasteful way to organize clutter and making everything from papers to out-of-season clothes quickly accessible when we need them. This guide to banishing the confusion positively brims with fresh and attractive projects for every room in your home. Salvage and transform old furniture into "junk holders." Stash CDs in a library card catalog. A crate fashioned with casters becomes a mobile bookshelf, while antique doorknobs make a creative coatrack in the hallway. Use your imagination and think of new ways of exploiting ordinary household objects -- like turning shiny metal trash cans into laundry bins, You'll find a world of clever ideas!

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