Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui

ISBN: 074991601X
ISBN 13: 9780749916015
By: Karen Kingston

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About this book

Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art of enhancing and harmonizing the flowof energy in your surroundings. Over the last twenty years, Karen Kingston haspioneered the study of a specialized branch of Feng Shui called Space Clearing.In this fascinating and easy-to-follow guide she shows how you can use SpaceClearing and other principles of Feng Shui to enhance the flow of energy inyour home or workplace and so create happiness and abundance in every area ofyour life. You will learn how to:* Clear "stuck" energy and create sacred space* Consecrate your home* Create a clutter-free environment and simplify your life* Safeguard yourself against electromagnetic and geopathic stress* Place furniture, mirrors, wind chimes, and other Feng Shuienhancements to create balance and harmonyKaren Kingston divides her time between London and Bali, Indonesia. She blendsthe results of her studies with Balinese priests and shamans together with FengShui wisdom and ancient knowledge from other cultures into a program thatreally works. Karen leads workshops around the world and is in great demandfor both business and private consultations."I've trained how to do Space Clearing with the Kahunas in Hawaii, withNative Americans, and with several other groups. I've never met anyone likeKaren, who can do it so well and has it so refined. She's brilliant!" --Denise Linn, author of "Sacred Space""The 'wise ones' knew what it took to transform the energy of a room--and nowKaren Kingston shows you how. Like a breath of fresh air, the Space Clearingtechniques in this book bring an exquisite experience of harmony and vitalityinto your home. Essential reading for everyonein love with the magic oflife." --William Spear, author of "Feng Shui Made Easy"

Reader's Thoughts


I enjoyed the author's clutter clearing book, so I thought I would read this one about Feng Shui. In the end, she has only one short cursory chapter on feng shui. The rest is about space clearing, and somehow I don't seen myself performing a space clearing and purification ceremony at our house (clapping to clear the dead energy, balancing the energy with Balinese bells...). ;)

Ann Kucera

Karen Kingston provides a way for you to use clapping to clear energy from your space in Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui. In addition, chapter 6 gives an extremely detailed list of items to complete to prepare for an energy clearing. It's a book that will expand your understanding of what is possible with energy.


I absolutely adore this book. One part make your house nice, one part introduction to sacred healing and ritual. The author draws on experience from Bali and world travel to give a very intelligent view on what houses can be, and how to sanctify your space, and thereby, your life. What I learned in this book has stuck with me for years. It's a treasure.

Sara Stuckey

This is the book that goes with Clear Your Clutter...


An amazing book that left me flabbergasted! It actually doesn´t go very deep into what could be defined as 'traditional Feng Shui' but rather focuses on the art of Space Clearing and spiritual purification of both people and spaces. Karen Kingston also gives some very valuable pieces of advice on how to identify and protect oneself against all sorts of 'subtle' pollution (electromagnectic, electric and so forth).

Tran Mionhj

i think that it is better for me

Abigail Sarah Brody

A book that altered my life since 1997 when I bought it in a spiritual bookstore on Melrose in LA. I always sense that everything is connected and that our homes are our sanctuaries, so are our cars and any place—especially the clutter clearing part has been working wonders for me; I attest, whenever I feel stuck in life, I begin to clean out my drawers if not my entire space: currently I am moving so the book is even more useful. I give only four stars because aspects if the book can make you feel never pure, perfect and ready enough to do the clearing ceremony's yourself, in addition to simply distilling, organizing and pairing down.Also the book design, typography, illustrations, is not very enticing, if not dull—almost the visual opposite of the beautiful message the book has to share.

melody vaughn

Very detailed...great resource tool for applying Feng Shui to your life..


An amazing little find. The information in this book is accurate and the author is right when she cautions the reader about clearing space themselves in a careful and respectful way. This is serious space clearing with serious results.

Kathryn Hall

Karen Kingston's Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui became a baseline book in my spiritual practice. Anyone can benefit from reading it.

Melissa Rae

One of two honestly 'life changing' books that I've read. Amazing. I'd been looking for a new house for some time and it wasn't happening. I read this book, did some signifcant clutter-clearing and rearranging at home and within two months had found a new place and moved in. One that ticked every box on my wish list, and then some. I wrote a letter of thanks to Karen who published it on her blog: How clutter clearing can speed up finding a new home

Sherron Watson

I am half way through this book and I am really enjoying the information. I have always been an organized person and reading the book has helped me to understand why I feel so much better when things are organized, in their place and clean. It definitely creates a special energy in our home.


This really helped me to clear clutter and get organized. I love ceremonies and it helped me to create a home blessing ceremony for our home and clear the stuck energy. It really helps!


The art of space clearing is just art. I will admit I tried to replicate Kingston's space clearing methods, but if I had to do it all over again, I would hire a professional.


This is a diverse and imformative, book on how to make our homes and offices more aesthetically pleasing as well as more environmentally friendly so that they will nurture and encourage our personal productivity and peace of mind. "Light candles, burn incense, sprinkle holy water, and offer flowers and prayers to the guardian spirit of the house and the spirits of earth, air fire, and water. Call in the angels and your own personal guides and helpers (whatever feels appropriate to you"(93). How could our imaginations not run wild with inspiration like that? Although reading this book did not really turn me into a feng shui expert--for example, I still do not diligently check on whether my furnishings and the placement thereof are in proper sync regarding their relation to the elements of air, water, metal, fire, and earth--I still learned a lot about how to make small, but positive, environmental changes at home and at work. For example, for years I had been guilty of placing a big mirror on top of a bedroom dresser and leaning it back against a wall (because I was too afraid to try to hang it up because of its girth). This book taught me that a mirror should never be leaned against a wall, and spurred me to stop being such a wimp and get out the hammer and strong screws to hang the thing up. Other advice is obvious, but so needful of repetition, such as the need to work on a clear, uncluttered desk. Kingston gives pointers on the placement and use of home applicances, televisions, computers, celluar phones, beepers and pagers, microwave ovens, etc., so they do not create negative magnetic fields in our daily lives. She also spurred me to move my digital clock-radio/CD player 10 feet away from my head when I sleep. (This might well have saved me a brain tumor!) On Kingston's advice, I bought several sets of "harmony balls" (but look for the term "meditation balls" if you wish to buy them on-line or in stores) with the sweet chiming sounds that help clear out "stale energies" in our homes and offices, and allow more positive energies in. (Can you imagine all the stale energies that had been hiding for years behind my big mirror?) This book is filled with so much more advice about letting more sacredness enter our homes that I cannot begin to describe it all, but it is such a fascinating point of departure for home and spiritual improvement!

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