Crossing into Medicine Country: A Journey in Native American Healing

ISBN: 1559707712
ISBN 13: 9781559707718
By: David Carson

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Reader's Thoughts


Interwoven with Native American myth and tons of interesting transcendental life experiences, the author describes his near-brush with becoming a conjurer, or healer, in the tradition of the American Indians. Sadly, we learn that the art of conjuring—healing people with smoke, herbs, plants, animals and song—although handed down through many generations in Indian tribes, has virtually disappeared in today's culture and will most likely die out completely due to modern medicine. To become a conjurer, one must go through many years of apprenticeship to acquire the wide body of knowledge and spiritual awakening to treat both sick and healthy individuals in a way that is completely individualized to their particular condition. Through the conjurer's heightened state of awareness, they can view a person's soul and detect both future and present ailments. There's no comparison to modern medicine in the sense that there is no profit to be gained by the healer, no man-made treatments are utilized and the healer has a open line of communication with the natural world—including animals—working in tandem to provide remedies.It's shameful that once again Native American culture and traditions have been relegated into the categories of "evil" and "quackery," and left to die out among a dwindling population.

Randy Daugherty

Not what I was seeking and just from the prolog you have to know that your dealing with something not quite right.Native Healers for one relate their craft from teacher to learner and not through books, even the classic Black Elk Speaks, Black Elk did not divulge all.All so for seekers of true knowledge it should be know that David Carson is on list of so called Native Healers to be avoided and in fact this book they wish to be avoided as well as some things banned.It was not a good read and would not recommend it.


Good insight into native american medicine. I'm a little disappointed in the turn the plot takes at the end, but since the content is autobiographical, there is not much that can be changed...

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