Crossing the Water

ISBN: 0060907894
ISBN 13: 9780060907891
By: Sylvia Plath

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About this book

The Poetry of Sylvia Plath.

Reader's Thoughts


Not as good as Ariel, but still a wonderful, and painful, read. Plath's imagery is like no other, her poems have a distinctive feel I can find nowhere else. They are disturbing, yet beautiful. Depressing, and impressive. Her poetry makes me write myself. My favourite in this particular collection must have been "Who". It resounded in me. I read it again and again.

Ines Garcia

By far my favorite from her. Her brilliance and insight to herself and things around her were just genius. =)

Matthew Little

I was given this little collection by my boyfriend so I could have some reading material for returning home on a 7 hour bus ride. It wasn't, however, until later on that I would pick it up and actually go through it.This collection, put together by Sylvia's ex-husband Ted Hughes, is one of those gems you never think you would come across, because there is serious beauty in the entries, but also some serious insight into Plath's mind, which is common for her works. Poems like "I Am Vertical" show her willingness and desire to just lay on the ground and become one with the flowers and trees, signifying that she wanted to die and merge with them rather than look and stare at them, as well as show her not wanting to stand anymore like some sort of looking gallery. Sylvia knew how to put her feelings into symbolic words, and she did that ever-so craftily in these.


Her poems are beautiful. The way Plath could put words together is delightful. Poetry was definitely her thing, not prose.


I cannot put my finger on the source of the magic Plath works on me. When I read her poems it's as if a sister has come and taken my hand in the darkness. She cannot make one wrong step, like a beloved elder she is always clever and wise. I can't criticise; I'm an adoring fan.Yet.I read aloud and I cannot get music. And here is an image that does not leap to life, and here is something dated. Plath is not perfect, I can see that now, so I can see where she is strong: in her fearlessness in mining the depths, in her glacial clarity, in her sharp wit and tender wisdom.She writes so much about women: her own experience as a woman, of the female body, of female roles. Her work is of its time in that - it's a marker hinting how much (or little) progress feminism has made, how much it has changed. Her anxiety about ageing is unbearably poignant in Mirror.Elsewhere, she reaches a mystical tone, a voice intoning a rite, ringing the bones. She has a feeling for the shadow cast over us by death. Stone and water, plants and the body are her elements. She is ceremonial. Yet sisterly always, intimate. Perhaps that's the magic...


Quite possibly my favorite book of poems by Sylvia Plath--and that is saying something as she is one of my favorite poets. This particular books speaks to me deeply in so many ways. The poem "Insomniac" is so personal for me, and so beautifully wrought. I highly recommend this book.

Hope L. Justice

I really struggled rating this one. Overall dark and frightening, though not collectively beautiful. 'Last Words' and 'Crossing the Water', masterpieces, while others underwhelmed me. What an intoxicating glimpse into Sylvia's mind.

Mme. Bookling ~

Harsh, severe, and beatiful, Plath shines within the genre of poetry.

Nishta Vaishampayan

These poems were just... Wow. Her poems flow and are so delicately strung together. I am really starting to like her poetry! This is a haunting collection of her poems, and since a lot of her poems have underlying meanings of death, I feel this was a journey to her suicide, something to fulfill. She comes across fragile, like something glued back together, not very well. I really hope her writing these poems helped her in some way.


Şiir çevirilerini, bir Can Yücel ustalığı göremeyince hiç sevmiyorum. Özellikle kelime kelime çevrilmiş şiirler pek ruhsuz oluyor. Bu kitaptaki şiirlerin de hemen hepsi öyle. Sadece Ayna şiirinden etkilenebildim. Çeviri şiir dediğin, "bi' dakika şunun orijinaline de bakayım," dedirtmemeli. Sylvia Plath'in bilmediğim bir sürü şiirini bu kitap sayesinde okumuş oldum, iyi de oldu.


plath at her best in the poem "Finisterre" . . .


Sylvia Plath has a good voice. I look forward to reading "Ariel" in the future.


Reading a Plath book always makes me feel inspired and frightened at the very same time, and this was just as amazing.


Clear, chilling, and beautiful.From "Who":The hoops of blackberry stems made me cry.Now they light me up like an electric bulb.For weeks I can remember nothing at all.


I enjoy her poetry but some of it is dark

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