CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

ISBN: 1590596145
ISBN 13: 9781590596142
By: Andy Budd Cameron Moll Simon Collison

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About this book

This book is your indispensable guide to cutting-edge CSS developmentall you need to work your way up to CSS professional. You'll learn how to: - Plan, organize, and maintain your stylesheets more effectively- Apply the secrets of liquid, elastic, and hybrid layouts- Create flickr-style image maps, remote rollovers, and other advanced CSS features- Lay out forms using pure CSS- Recognize common browser bugs, and how to fix themWhile CSS is a relatively simple technology to learn, it is a difficult one to master. When you first start developing sites using CSS, you will come across all kinds of infuriating browser bugs and inconsistencies. It sometimes feels like there are a million and one different techniques to master, spread across a bewildering array of websites. The range of possibilities seems endless and makes for a steep and daunting learning curve. By bringing all of the latest tips, tricks, and techniques together in one handy reference, this book demystifies the secrets of CSS and makes the journey to CSS mastery as simple and painless as possible. While most books concentrate on basic skills, this one is different, assuming that you already know the basics and why you should be using CSS in your work, and concentrating mainly on advanced techniques. It begins with a brief recap of CSS fundamentals such as the importance of meaningful markup, how to structure and maintain your code, and how the CSS layout model really works. With the basics out of the way, each subsequent chapter details a particular aspect of CSS-based design. Through a series of easy-to-follow tutorials, you will learn practical CSS techniques you can immediately start using in your daily work. Browser inconsistencies are the thorn in most CSS developers' sides, so we have dedicated two whole chapters to CSS hacks, filters, and bug fixing, as well as looking at image replacement; professional link, form, and list styling; pure CSS layouts; and much more. All of these techniques are then put into practice in two beautifully designed case studies, written by two of the world's best CSS designers, Simon Collison and Cameron Moll. Summary of Contents: - Chapter 1: Setting the Foundations- Chapter 2: Visual Formatting Model Recap- Chapter 3: Background Images and Image Replacement- Chapter 4: Styling Links- Chapter 5: Styling Lists and Creating Nav Bars- Chapter 6: Styling Forms and Data Tables- Chapter 7: Layout- Chapter 8: Hacks and Filters- Chapter 9: Bugs and Bug Fixing- Case Study 1: More Than Doodles- Case Study 2: Tuscany Luxury Resorts

Reader's Thoughts

Nick Carter

THE CSS book for anyone looking for a practical guide that will also help in planning, bug squashing and cross-browser issues

Dave Brenner

A must have for any serious CSS developer.

David Sutoyo

In my case, this book was literally life-changing. It filled in a lot of gaps in my CSS knowledge, and gave me the right start towards my web design/development career.

Mai Moustafa

I love it just like the first version

Rachel Nabors

A perfect follow-up to Friends of Ed's "yellow CSS book" which is more basic (but whose title escapes me).This is not a beginner's CSS book. You should at least read the yellow book or "Bullet Proof Web Design" before tackling this one, which builds heavily off the core concepts you should have already learned.It covers everything from layouts, to browser hacks, even showing you how to add little icons at the end of external links. Nifty, huh!This book is absolutely necessary if you are in web design or development. But make sure you've got a good core foundation in CSS and structured markup before diving in.

Caroline MillgÄrdh

Outdated (2006). This is what happens when you leave a web dev book on the shelf unread for too long... ;-)


One of my favorite books in the world.

Nicki Hutchens

Very helpful. Need to read it again since it has been a while.

Darrin Hawe

When I was trying to learn CSS, this book had some really good ideas for development. Book presents topics well and understandably.


Equally good for bed-time reading and reference. Very easily read and understood.

Krista Ehlers

An excellent introduction to CSS, but with enough high-level tips to keep up with standards-based web development now.

Neil Evridge

Great book for beginning to learn CSS all the way through some advanced stuff. Excellent authors and web developers.


the best intro css book


I loved this book so much I bought it after returning it to the library. All the cool CSS layout tricks and hacks in one volume, written in plain, friendly English.

Seth Kenlon

Excellent book. It has taught me nearly everything I know about basic CSS; combined with some help from some online friends and good old fashioned practice (it makes perfect, you know?) I'm a competent CSS coder.

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